Practise in Australia

All overseas trained physicians (OTPs) who wish to practise in Australia need to complete a specialist assessment. If you've secured an area of need (AoN) position, you also need an AoN assessment.

Before you can practise, we assess your training, experience, recent practice and continuing professional development to determine whether all of these components together will enable you to practise at the level of an Australian trained physician or paediatrician. 

We assess OTPs in all specialty areas for which we provide training. If you cannot find your specialty, another Australasian medical college may assess it. 

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) publishes an annual report on specialist medical colleges specialist pathway data. It provides information on applicants’ comparability to Australian trained specialists including the number of OTPs assessed by us each year by specialty, country and level of comparability.

In addition, the Australian Government publishes national health workforce data and statistics including the distribution of clinicians by state, the number of new fellows and vocational trainees and a workforce dynamic indicator that highlights areas of concern in the future. 

To find your specialty workforce data fact sheet, visit the Australian Government Health Workforce Data.


Securing a position is competitive. Research your employment opportunities early in the process.

If your training is deemed partially or substantially comparable, you have 2 years from the date of your interim assessment decision to begin your requirements in Australia. Consider the timeframe before you apply for assessment.

Note: We cannot find employment for OTPs, trainees or Fellows. Our role is only to assess your comparability to an Australian trained physician as delegated by the Medical Board of Australia.

Specialist assessment stages

Initial assessment

RACP assesses your application and determines the requirements you will need to complete to become recognised as a specialist in Australia

Approximately 3-9 months

Ongoing assessment

complete the requirements determined by your initial assessment decision to become recognised as a specialist

Approximately 6 months to 4 years, as set out by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA)

Final assessment

RACP will decide whether you have successfully completed your requirements for specialist assessment. If successful, the RACP will recommend you for specialist registration

Approximately 2 months

Specialist assessment fees

There are fees at each stage of the specialist assessment and area of need assessment processes. All fees are non-refundable.

Interim assessment of your comparability with an Australian trained physician:

  • Application submission fee – pay on submission of an OTP application for specialist assessment.
  • Assessment of comparability fee – pay before interview arrangements are progressed.

Ongoing assessment if you begin specialist assessment requirements:

  • Annual work-based assessment fee – pay annually before starting top up training (if required) and peer review. (Does not apply to all OTPs)
  • Area of need application submission fee – pay on submission of an area of need application.
  • Practice visit fee – pay only if we determine a practice visit is required as part of your assessment. (Does not apply to all OTPs)

Interim assessment decision only Substantially comparable
(fees for specialist assessment requirements)
Partially comparable
(fees for specialist assessment requirements)
Application submission fee* 999.90 999.90 999.90
Assessment of comparability fee* 5,637.50 5,637.50 5,637.50
Fee payable before interview is arranged.
Annual work based assessment fee**
Year 1
N/A 4,379.10 4,379.10
Fee payable before top up training commences.
Annual work based assessment fee**
Year 2
N/A N/A 4,379.10
Fee payable before peer review commences.
Total 6,637.40 11,016.50 15,395.60
These fees are a total estimate of each stage of assessment.
Additional Fees

Interim assessment decision only Substantially comparable
(fees for specialist assessment requirements)
Partially comparable
(fees for specialist assessment requirements)
Areas of need (AON) application submission fee N/A 1,875.50 1,875.50
Only applicable if you are applying for an AON position.
Practice visit** N/A 3,132.80 3,132.80
Fee incurred if a visit is required during peer review.
The RACP may require a practice visit for some applicants during practice under peer review. All stated fees (except examinations) include GST (10%) and are valid until 31 December 2019.
*GST (10%) is not applicable for these fees if an applicant is residing overseas.
**GST always applies to these services as they must be received by the applicant in Australia.

Find out more about RACP fees.

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