Employment, Poverty and Health

The RACP recognises the important role that doctors can play in tackling health inequities, as well as promoting the benefits of employment and good work as a key determinant of health and wellbeing. Doctors can help to influence a fundamental shift in our healthcare system from treatment to prevention, and improve the overall quality of life across Australia and New Zealand.

Employment, Poverty and Health postcard

The RACP’s Statement of Principles presents a principles-based guide for healthcare provision that focuses on actions that doctors can undertake to promote safe, healthy work and to have the greatest impact on social determinants of health. The principles act as a broad guide which can be applied to different areas of health service delivery and adapted to reflect individual community needs as required. The accompanying Evidence Review paper lays out the foundation of research, which supports the actions and strategies put forward in the Statement of Principles.

Employment, Poverty and Health: A Statement of Principles (PDF, 6 May 2019)
The RACP’s Employment, Poverty and Health: Statement of Principles is intended to inform physicians and health organisations, and support them to address the social determinants of health, and promote the health benefits of good work in their own communities.

Employment, Poverty and Health: Evidence Review (PDF, 6 May 2019)
The Evidence Review paper was launched in conjunction with the Statement of Principles. The Evidence Review paper lays out the basis of research which supports the actions and strategies put forward in the Statement of Principles.

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