Part-time training

A trainee is training part-time if they are completing less than 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) of a normal working week.

Part-time training should provide the same experience, education and supervision as a full-time program, with an emphasis on gaining the same level of skills, knowledge and professional attributes.

As with full-time training, proposals for part-time training arrangements are considered for approval by the relevant training committee. When considering these proposals, the committee will determine whether the proposed training plan meets the outlined learning objectives and will not reject the proposal based primarily upon the size of the FTE fraction proposed.

Part-time trainees are required to complete the same number of work-based learning and assessment tools pro-rated to the amount of training that they've been approved for. 

For example, a trainee approved for 6 months of training in one training year is required to complete half the work-based learning and assessment tools specified for that training year. Submission of supervisor reports are not pro-rated for part-time trainees. These continue to be required as specified in training handbooks to ensure part-time trainees receive regular formal feedback on their progress.

Part-time training must be undertaken for a minimum period of 1 continuous month, although it can be undertaken in different models as offered by the training provider, as long as educational requirements are met. For example, part-time training may consist of set days per week, variable days, longer blocks of time worked/time off (such as “month-on, month-off” arrangements) or combinations thereof.

While the RACP actively encourages training providers to offer trainees flexible training opportunities, the decision whether to accommodate specific requests by individuals for flexible working arrangements rests with the employer.

Switching to part-time training

When you apply to start or re-register for your training, you can select to be part-time (less than 1.0 FTE and a minimum of 0.2 FTE).

Basic Trainees must complete and submit the Basic Training Rotation Amendment Form (DOC).

Advanced Trainees must submit a new Application for Prospective Approval form. Visit your Advanced Training Program handbook for information on applying or re-registering for your particular specialty.

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