College Learning Series

In early 2018, the College Learning Series (CLS) lectures took over from the locally administered Victorian Physician Education Program (PEP) lectures.

CLS lectures take place on Thursday evenings throughout the year, varying between live lectures and online interaction.

eLearning@RACP hosts the full 2018 CLS program and the 2019 CLS program, as the series rolls out.

The 2017 PEP lectures are still available through eLearning@RACP.

The CLS relies on input from subject experts across Australia and New Zealand. Consultations with committees and member groups are ongoing and critical to ensuring the CLS meets the educational needs of basic trainees. The RACP is currently exploring content for Paediatrics and Child Health.

The CLS is free to all College members and upcoming live lectures are regularly posted on our Events list.

To attend the live lectures at RACP Victoria, email

Trainees' benefits

  • Trainee learning is being enriched by content from experienced Fellows. The content is regularly reviewed to ensure it is up-to-date and aligned to the revised Basic Training Curricula.
  • Trainees can also interact online with peers and educators, and access resources at times that are convenient for them.
  • The lectures are free as part of eLearning@RACP and are updated regularly.

Educators, Fellows and the wider health sector benefits

  • Supervisors and Directors of Physician Education can access additional resources that support training.
  • Educators and Fellows can contribute content, share their knowledge and expertise, and interact with peers and trainees online.
  • The College Learning Series is regularly reviewed to ensure training is clinically appropriate and current.

Faculty resources

Rehabilitation Medicine

Access AFRM trainee presentations and videos from the Bi-National Training Program and the NSW Wednesday and Saturday lecture series.

Curated Collections

Curated Collections has been peer-reviewed by Fellows of the Training Support Online Resource Working Group. Resources include key organisations and websites, webcasts, courses, tools, key journals and recommended reading.

Health and wellbeing

Doctors' heath means more than just the absence of ill-health and infirmity. It refers to the overall mental, physical and social wellbeing which enables you to practice effectively. To achieve this it is important not only to have your own GP and get regular check-ups, but also to be aware of your mental health and very real issues like stress, burnout and depression.

See the Curated Collection on Doctors' Health & Wellbeing for help and support resources accessible to you and your colleagues.

If you wish to speak to someone, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians Support Program provides a professional and confidential counselling service available to all RACP Fellows and trainees, 24 hours, seven days per week.

Find out more about the support helpline.

Trainee documents

Additional resources

Fellows resources contains a range of peer reviewed resources to support your learning.

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