Divisional Clinical Examination

Webinars and presentations to help you prepare for the Divisional Clinical Examination.

Fireside Chat webinar series | Investigations in Medicine | Long Case tips | Prepare for clinical exams

Fireside Chat webinar series 

Performing under pressure | Join Dr Sarah Dalton and Rita Holland in a short chat about performing under pressure. It includes tips and tricks for high pressure situations like exams, practical advice and resources.

Preparing for exams in day to day practice | We speak to a trainee, examiner and a Director of Physician Education on how to use daily work opportunities to prepare for exams.

Investigations in Medicine

7 November 2020 | A 2-part webinar on ECG and electrophysiology, cardiac catheters, echocardiography, endocrinology, haematology, gastroenterology, respiratory, rheumatology, allergy, neurology and blood films.

Morning session


Dr David O’Donnell | ECG and Electrophysiology (PDF)
Dr Elizabeth Jones | Echocardiography (PDF)
Associate Professor Peter Shane Hamblin | Endocrinology (PDF)
Associate Professor Carole Smith | Haematology (PDF)

Afternoon session


Dr John Moi | Rheumatology (PDF)
Dr Katherine Nicholls | Allergy (PDF)
Professor Bruce Campbell | Neurology (PDF)

Long Case tips

Tips on Adult Medicine Long Case exam preparation

12 September 2020 | Gain advice from physicians on how to approach the long case exam component. Topics include pain and immunosuppression, infection, diabetes, fitness to drive, depression, heart failure and infection prevention.


Professor Michelle Leech
Associate Professor Georgia Soldatos | Perfecting the Diabetes Long Case (PDF)
Dr Natasha Cook | Approaching Medical Driving Fitness (PDF)
Associate Professor Laila Rotstein | Depression (PDF)
Dr Siobhan Lockwood
Dr Claire Dendle | Infection Prevention (PDF)

Tips on Long Case examinations

29 August 2020 | Gain advice from physicians on how to approach the long case exam component.


Associate Professor Paul Gow | Liver Transplants and Chronic Liver Disease (PDF)
Clinical Professor John Kanellis | What if I get a renal patient? Transplant issues (PDF)
Dr Peter Bergin | Heart Failure and Heart Transplants (PDF)
Dr Sakhee Kotecha | Lung Transplantation (PDF)
Professor Jeff Szer | Bone Marrow Transplantation and malignant haematology (PDF)

Hosted by the RACP Victorian Regional Committee. The event is not associated with the RACP Examinations Committee.

How to prepare for clinical exams

20 June 2020 | Online session covering practical and strategic preparation tips to approach clinical examinations presented by Professors Judy Savige and Jill Klein.

Presentation resources

A strategic approach to the Divisional Clinical Examination (PDF)
A growth mindset approach to disruption (PDF)
How to write a case report (PDF)
Q&A with Professor Jill Klein

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