AMC and MCNZ accreditation

The AMC and MCNZ have accredited RACP to provide specialist medical education and training until 31 March 2021.

Read the comprehensive Accreditation Report (PDF 1.5MB) compiled by the AMC and MCNZ assessment panel.

2014 Accreditation with the AMC and MCNZ

Throughout 2014, the RACP underwent an accreditation assessment by the AMC and MCNZ. The RACP submitted its 2014 Accreditation submission (PDF 6.1MB), which describes the RACP's education and training pathways and processes, including key changes that have occurred since the last submission.

Read a Quick Guide to the accreditation submission

Accreditation is measured against nine standards, and the 2014 outcome is subject to the RACP meeting the 31 conditions outlined in the Accreditation Report (PDF 1.5MB) The panel conducted visits to training settings, took part in a series of meetings with Members and staff, and gathered feedback on the RACP from stakeholders.

The AMC Directors found that the RACP substantially meets the accreditation standards:

"The team commends the College on its progress since the last AMC assessment in the management of education and training. It has invested significantly in its education programs and the expertise supporting them, and this is delivering appreciable benefits. In particular, the team applauds the emphasis on standardising the approach taken to the wide range of programs."

The AMC and MCNZ accredited the RACP to provide specialist medical education and training for six years (the maximum period of accreditation) until 31 March 2021.

The Medical Board of Australia approved the RACPs' accredited programs of study for registration purposes.

A communique detailing the approved programs of study is available on the Medical Board of Australia's website

Accreditation process

In Australia and New Zealand, the Australian Medical Council and the Medical Council of New Zealand must accredit all providers of specialist medical education. In 2010, the AMC and MCNZ signed an agreement extending and formalising aligned accreditation processes by both authorities.

Accreditation by the Australian Medical Council

The AMC is the national standards body for medical education and training. One of its functions is to advise and make recommendations to the Medical Board of Australia on the accreditation of providers of specialist medical training and professional development programs.

Find more information on the assessment of specialist medical education and training on the AMC website

Accreditation by the Medical Council of New Zealand

The MCNZ and AMC offer similar processes for the accreditation of specialist medical education and training. There are extra standards that apply to programs offered by Vocational Colleges in New Zealand.

You can find the additional criteria in the standards for assessment and accreditation guidebook on the MCNZ website

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