AMC and MCNZ accreditation

Reaccreditation assessment

The RACP is being assessed for reaccreditation in 2024. This is a significant activity, involving a wide array of stakeholders, with a written submission due February 2024 and an accreditation visit in May 2024. In February 2024, the RACP lodged its reaccreditation submission (PDF).

Current accreditation status

The RACP provided a Monitoring Submission*(PDF) to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) in April 2023, outlining our recent progress against the accreditation standards, conditions and recommendations. This update included details about our comprehensive plan to expedite renewal of our Advanced Training curricula, enable our program implementation with a strategy for education technology, review and improve our education governance and, improve experiences of physician training through measures to support wellbeing.

In response to that Monitoring Submission, in June 2023, the AMC advised that the RACP ‘Substantially Met’ the accreditation standards. Across the 9 accreditation standards, we received the following assessment outcomes:

  • 7 standards were assessed as Met
  • 1 standard was assessed as Substantially Met
  • 1 standard, Standard 3: The specialist medical training and education framework, was assessed as Not Met. The College needs to implement the revised training curricula at the earliest opportunity, with the relevant supporting technology.

We have 2 remaining accreditation conditions to address. The conditions relate to Advanced Training and our progress with curricula renewal. All quality improvement recommendations have now been addressed.  

RACP 2023 Monitoring Submission(PDF)
Response from the AMC to the RACP’s 2023 Monitoring Submission (PDF)

*Note that where there is an adverse risk associated with the potential for an individual or entity being identifiable due to low item/cell counts, sections in the submission have been redacted. Redacted sections include:

  • Page 34-35, Table 11: Summative assessment results
  • Page 36, Table 12: Stratified summative assessment data
  • Page 49, First Nations’ and Māori trainee withdrawals
  • Page 57, Table 18: Training sites assessed and visited
  • Appendix 1, Table A7.2: Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori and Pasifika trainee data by State
  • Appendix 1, Table A7.4: Trainees who exited programs
  • Appendix 1, Table A7.6: Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori and Pasifika trainee data

RACP response to accreditation findings

The College is addressing Standard 3 through a range of measures, including a technology proof of concept for training and education management which will complete in September 2023. The outputs from this project will inform our education technology platform project which is in the final planning stage and is scheduled to start before the end of 2023.

Accreditation background

Specialist medical education programs in Australia and New Zealand must be accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Te Kaunihera Rata o Aotearoa | the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ), which have aligned accreditation processes.

In 2014, we underwent a full re-accreditation, where we were assessed against accreditation standards. We were granted a maximum 6-year accreditation to 31 March 2021, subject to addressing 31 conditions and considering 25 recommendations in annual reports and a small assessment review visit.

In 2020, following a comprehensive review, our accreditation was extended to March 2025. 

Previous reports to the AMC

We regularly lodge monitoring submissions (previously referred to as progress reports) to the AMC/MCNZ. These outline significant developments in any area covered by the 9 accreditation standards, our response to conditions and recommendations and program enrolment, progression, and completion data.

RACP Submission 2024 - Reaccreditation Assessment (PDF)
RACP 2022 Monitoring Submission (PDF)
AMC response to 2022 RACP Monitoring Submission (PDF)
RACP 2021 progress report (PDF)
AMC response to 2021 RACP progress report (PDF)
RACP 2020 comprehensive report (PDF)
AMC response to 2020 RACP comprehensive report (PDF)
RACP 2019 progress report (PDF)
AMC response to 2019 RACP progress report (PDF)
RACP 2018 progress report (PDF)
AMC response to the RACP 2018 progress report (PDF)
RACP 2014 re-accreditation submission (PDF)
AMC Accreditation Report about RACP training programs (PDF)

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