RACP Management

Richard Doherty
Professor Richard Doherty, FRACP
​Dean of the College
The Office of the Dean provides strategic advice to the Board, Fellows, the CEO and College staff on education strategy, advocacy matters and relationships with regulatory bodies. The Dean supports compliance and professional learning functions including professional development, and performance of Fellows and assessment of overseas physicians, including registration.

Kate More
Kate More
​Director, Operations
The Operations Directorate, provides corporate services across the College in a streamlined manner. These include Marketing, Communications and Media Relations, Digital Products, Information Technology, our Strategic Coordination Unit and Human Resources.

Robyn Burley
​Robyn Burley
Director, Education, Learning and Assessment
Education, Learning and Assessment co-ordinate the College’s Annual cycle of Written and Clinical examinations. It accredits healthcare workplaces that train our physicians and co-ordinates support for trainees in difficulty. The Directorate is rolling out our Education Renewal program, ensuring our physician training remains world-class.

Lisa Penlington
​Lisa Penlington
Acting Director, Member Services
Member Services is our primary contact point for members (trainees and Fellows) whether digitally or by telephone, providing them with an end to end member service – a seamless member experience.  The directorate also supports the Divisions, Faculties and Chapters and liaises with health systems.

John McConville
John McConville
​​Director, Finance and ​Commercial Services
Finance ensures efficient and effective management of College finances and provides commercial services that support the RACP.   
Brian Freestone
Brian Freestone
​Director, ​Development
The Development Directorate delivers the College and Board’s initiatives in areas such as our international programs, Indigenous initiatives, workforce planning, new products and the RACP Foundation.
Patrick Tobin
Patrick Tobin
​Director, Policy & Advocacy
Policy and Advocacy provides a strong voice in the public policy arena and ensures the College contributes to and influences the Australian and New Zealand debate on health issues.
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