Accreditation Renewal

Training provider accreditation promotes the delivery of quality training, which results in competent physicians who provide high quality patient care.

Accreditation Renewal is a RACP-wide strategy and program for accrediting training providers that:

  • links directly to RACP curricula
  • streamlines and coordinates processes
  • provides flexibility
  • assesses settings’ capacity to train

The Australian Medical Council and the Medical Council of New Zealand require us to maintain standards of workplace training. We do this through our Training Provider Accreditation Program (PDF), which provides a framework for the assessment and recognition of training providers. This program is supported by the Training Provider Standards, Training Network Principles and the Accreditation Requirements for Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training Programs.

Through accreditation renewal, we're working towards outcome accreditation, which quantitatively measures trainees’ performance and progress in a training program. To align training programs and training provider systems to the new standards and requirements, we are taking a phased implementation approach.

Changes to the accreditation program
Previous accreditation program
Current accreditation program
Accreditation occurs every 5 years. Accreditation occurs every 4 years.
There are 5 accreditation standards. There are 9 standards in the new accreditation program, each with criteria organised under 4 themes.
We only accredit Basic Training Programs. We accredit training providers and their Basic Training Programs.
Basic Training Programs are classified as Levels 3, 2, 1 and Secondment. Basic Training Programs retain their current duration of training as per the Level system whilst transitioning to the new classification framework terminology of Principal or Adjunct Training Program.

Accreditation of basic physician training networks

From mid-2023, we will begin accrediting basic physician training networks.

The accreditation of basic physician training networks is the first step towards the delivery of an integrated training program. The College has developed Training Network Principles (PDF) to support the move towards a competency-based and integrated assessment model.

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