Training Provider and Basic Training Program Accreditation

Our accreditation program covers training providers and their Basic Training Programs.

About the accreditation program

Our accreditation program consists of 5 stages: self-assessment, external assessment, external validation, reporting and monitoring.

Standards and requirements

The RACP Training Provider Standards and Basic Training Accreditation Requirements outline the expectations for workplace training and measure the quality of training provided.

Apply for accreditation

All training providers must apply for and be accredited to deliver RACP Basic Training Programs.

Capacity to train

Learn more about how we will use accreditation to monitor settings’ capacity to train.


The RACP Standards are central to the accreditation program. They articulate the expectations for workplace training and are used to measure the quality of training provided.

The standards consist of criteria that apply to training providers and Basic Training programs. The Basic Training Accreditation Requirements contain program-specific requirements that apply to Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training Programs. The criteria and requirements are actions which need to be addressed by a training provider offering a Basic Training program.

Basic Training Program Classification

The Basic Training Program Classification categorises training programs as Principal or Adjunct.

While we transition to this new approach, Basic Training Programs will retain their existing classification but shift to the equivalent new classification, as in the table:

Previous classification Current classification
Level 3 Principal Training Program — Level 3
Level 2 Principal Training Program — Level 2
Level 1 / Level 1 as part of a network Adjunct Training Program — Level 1
Secondment Adjunct Training Program — Secondment


We offer training to all training providers, Directors of Physician/Paediatrics Education, Network Directors of Physician/Paediatrics Education, Setting Executives and their staff involved in accreditation. Guidance and resources are also available.

We recommend training providers to:

  • review the Standards and program-specific requirements
  • work with colleagues and leadership teams to identify training gaps
  • establish when and how to make necessary changes to address the Standards

Contact us for additional support or to register for a training session.

Accreditation Process – Guide for Basic Trainees (PDF)

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