Basic Training

The renewed RACP accreditation program comes into effect on 1 January 2021 for all Basic Training settings.

Standards are central to an accreditation program. They articulate the expectations for workplace training and are used to measure the quality of training provided.

Since the release of the 2010 Standards for the Accreditation of Training Settings, both the College and the training environment have undergone significant changes. In response, the Standards have been expanded to incorporate the learning environment, training oversight, training support and curriculum implementation.

Standards and requirements

The RACP Training Provider Standards and Basic Training Accreditation Requirements outline the expectations for workplace training and measure the quality of training provided.

Apply for accreditation

All training providers and settings must apply for and be accredited to deliver RACP Basic Training Programs.

New Standards

Transition to the new Standards will occur in stages in line with a revised accreditation schedule. Settings will be advised if there is a change to their accreditation end date.

Settings will come under a new 4-year accreditation cycle. We will provide notice of your review date to allow you to prepare for assessment.

Supporting the new Standards is the Basic Training Program Classification, which replaces the previous approach of settings being grouped according to their Level (3, 2,1/1 as a network and secondment).

During the transition to the classification, Basic Training Programs will retain its current duration of training but shift over to the new, equivalent classification.

Current classification 2021 classification
Level 3 Principal Training Program
Level 2
Level 1 / Level 1 as part of a network or secondment training program Adjunct Training Program

Transition support

We acknowledge the potential increase in workload for settings, Directors of Physician/Paediatrics Education and their staff during the rollout of the new accreditation program. However, the accreditation process remains unchanged.

We recommend that settings

  • review the new Standards and program-specific requirements
  • work with your colleagues and setting staff to identify any gaps within your training
  • establish when and how to make any necessary changes to move towards the new Standards

To ease the transition, training sessions will be on offer to all staff involved in accreditation. Tools and guides covering the main processes will also be provided.

For additional support, email us at (Australia) and (Aotearoa NZ)

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