Accreditation Program

The Training Provider Accreditation Program describes the components that underpin the accreditation program.

Cover of the Training Provider Accreditation Program

Training Provider accreditation will be a multi-staged cycle whereby:

  • Training Provider assessment will occur once every four years
  • rotations, Training Programs Settings and Networks will be assessed
  • a Training Provider and its Training Programs will be assessed at a single point in time
  • Training Settings and Networks will be monitored annually

The accreditation program (PDF) will be underpinned by a new set of standards.

Trainee and educator feedback will be collected annually using online surveys.

Accreditation will monitor and manage capacity to train through an online platform.

Accreditation cycle

Initially, we will assess the Training Setting, its Basic Training Program or Programs and the rotations within the Program.

Training Settings will self-assess their compliance with the standards at a Training Setting and Program level through an accreditation assessment form and rotation descriptions.

External assessors will assess compliance with the standards.

A findings report will be drafted, checked by the Training Setting and reviewed by a committee of peers. The committee will determine the setting's accreditation status, which will be sent to the Training Setting and reported on our website.

We will monitor the Training Setting annually to determine how compliance with the standards is being maintained.

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