Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

The Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM) is a Faculty of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) and provides training and continuing education for Rehabilitation Medicine Fellows and trainees throughout all stages of their career.

AFRM trainees and Fellows are committed to providing high quality rehabilitation care to individuals and communities in Australia and New Zealand. The AFRM’s mission is “to train, accredit and support medical practitioners in the management of functional loss, activity limitation or participation restriction arising out of illness and injury”.

AFRM represents, connects and advocates for the diverse community of Rehabilitation Medicine Fellows and trainees in Australia and New Zealand.

Learn more about AFRM’s purpose and strategic objectives.

About Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine is the diagnosis, assessment and management of an individual with a disability due to illness or injury. Rehabilitation physicians work with people with a disability to help them achieve an optimal level of performance and improve their quality of life.

AFRM Rehabilitation Medicine Physician Scope of Practice – Adult Rehabilitation Medicine

AFRM Scope of Practice Statement – Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Training in Rehabilitation Medicine

AFRM runs the RACP specialty Advanced Training Program in Rehabilitation Medicine. We support our trainees to become competent, self-directed, lifelong learners with the professional skills and expertise to work with people with a wide variety of disabilities and improve their future outcomes.

Find out more about how you can become a Rehabilitation Medicine physician through the AFRM Advanced Training program:

General Rehabilitation Medicine

Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine

Bi-National Training Program (BNTP)

The AFRM conducts the BNTP on the last Wednesday of every month from February to November. These training sessions are broadcast across Australia and New Zealand. 

BNTP Sessions

The BNTP sessions use Zoom conferencing to provide trainees with Rehabilitation Medicine knowledge and information. These sessions are not intended to prepare trainees for the AFRM Fellowship Examinations. 

View BNTP sessions at RACP event listings 

Joining webinar 

To join the webinar on the day, follow this link to Zoom Software. It is important to log on early and ensure that you turn your webcam off before you join the webinar.

Due to the nature of the recordings, if you connect via video conference, you will appear on the screen. Should you do so, we will assume automatic consent to be part of the recording.

Presentations and Slides

All presentation slides and recordings are made available on the training resources page the following day.

See previous program video and presentation documents

NSW Lecture Series – Wednesday and Saturday sessions

The AFRM conducts the NSW Lecture Series on the last Wednesday of every month from February to November. These training sessions are recorded and material is available online after each session. Trainees will require their MIN and password to access this material.

The NSW Branch runs monthly training sessions on various Saturday’s throughout the first half of each year. These sessions give trainees practice in the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) sessions in preparation for their Fellowship exams.

These sessions are held on a Saturday morning at various hospital locations and led by different AFRM Fellows. Unlike the BNTP and NSW Training, which take place on the last Wednesday of each month, there is no pattern to these events.

View Lecture series session dates at RACP events listings

See previous Lecture series session video and presentation documents 

Latest news

Read AFRM’s eBulletins and Rhaïa newsletter for the latest news on Rehabilitation Medicine and the Faculty.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Faculty and connect with other AFRM Fellows and trainees:


The AFRM Council and a number of committees govern AFRM. The current President of AFRM is Professor Tim Geraghty.

Find out more about the AFRM Council and Committees

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