AChPM Committee

The Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine (AChPM) supports the professional careers of all Fellows and trainees of the Chapter. Alongside other relevant College Bodies and staff, the AChPM works on these aspects as they relate to palliative medicine:

  • education, training and assessment of trainees
  • education, continuing professional development and quality performance of Fellows
  • policy and advocacy
  • the assessment of overseas trained professionals
  • research
  • workforce

The AChPM Committee is the peak decision-making body for the Chapter, promoting and advancing the body of knowledge of palliative medicine within the College.

For more information, read the Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine By-law (PDF) and join the AChPM Community at the RACP Online Community (ROC).


AChPM Committee

Associate Professor Peter Poon, Committee Chair and AChPM President

Dr Gauri Gogna, President-elect

Dr Emily Chang, Paediatrics Representative

Dr Sadie Dunn, Chair, Training Committee in Palliative Medicine (TCPM)

Dr Patrick Elliott, Trainee Representative

Professor Phillip Good, Committee Member

Dr Vicki Jones, Aotearoa New Zealand Representative

Dr Suharsha Kanathigoda, Committee Member

Dr Christine Mott, Specialty Society Representative, ANZSPM

Dr Vanessa Tung, Committee Member

Training Committee in Palliative Medicine (TCPM)

Dr Sadie Dunn, Chair and Lead in Overseas Trained Physicians

Dr Anthoulla Mohamudally, Deputy Chair and Lead in Clinical Foundation

Dr Kathryn Forwood, Aotearoa New Zealand Representative and Lead in NZ Site Accreditation, Lead in RPL

Dr Rachel Hughes, Lead in Site Accreditation (VIC, QLD, NT, WA)

Dr Sophia Lam, Lead in Assessment (Division)

Dr Chi Li, Lead in Site Accreditation (NSW, ACT, SA, TAS)

Dr Ahmed Nagla, Co-Lead in Clinical Foundation

Dr James Newman, Advanced Trainee Representative

A/Prof Peter Poon, AChPM President

Dr Fiona Runacres, Lead in Assessment (Chapter)

Dr Jennifer Weil, Co-Lead in Assessment, Lead in Research

Dr Molly Williams, Paediatric Representative

Vacant, Appointed Member

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