AMD Executive Committee

The Adult Medicine Division Executive Committee (AMDEX) responsibilities are to:

  • implement Adult Medicine Division Council (AMDC) policy and manage and further the objectives, aims and tasks of the AMDC, between meetings of the AMDC
  • ensure that the decisions made by the Executive reflect the views of the majority of members of the AMDC as much as possible
  • draft proposals concerning the policy of AMDC
  • establish, oversee and coordinate the operation of subcommittees as necessary to carry out the work of AMDC and appoint a Chair for each subcommittee or working group

The AMDEX meets 6 times a year.

Committee membership

Professor Graeme Maguire, Chair and AMD President

Professor Brian Wood, AMD President-elect

Associate Professor Timothy Walker, AMD Education Chair

Associate Professor Janak de Zoysa, Aotearoa NZ AMD Committee Chair

Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran, Member

Dr Fahid Hashem, Member

Dr Anthony Deacon, Trainee Representative

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