Aotearoa New Zealand Trainees' Committee

Formed in 2004, the Aotearoa New Zealand Trainees’ Committee represents and advocates for trainees in matters affecting selection, training, assessment, supervision and overall educational experience. The Trainees’ Committee also leads the development of the annual Aotearoa New Zealand Trainees’ Day.

Our Trainees’ Committee members hold representative positions on RACP Education, Policy & Advocacy, Māori Health, Division, Faculty and Chapter committees of Australasia and New Zealand, as well as the Aotearoa New Zealand Committee.

View the Aotearoa New Zealand Trainees' Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee membership

Dr Aritra Ray, Co-Chair (AMD – Auckland)
Dr Ben McConchie, Co-Chair (PCHD – Waikato/Wellington)
Dr Niru Arunthavasothy (PCHD – Auckland)
Dr Moushumi Das (AMD – Auckland)
Dr Howard Grigg (PCHD – Wellington)
Dr Ruveena Kaur (AMD – Auckland)
Dr Cory Malbon (PCHD – Auckland/Melbourne)
Dr Te Aro Moxon (PCHD – Waikato)
Dr Michael Plunket (AMD – Auckland)
Dr Katie Walland (AMD – Waikato)
Dr Lauren Weaver (PCHD – Dunedin)
Dr Tom Wilkinson (AMD – Christchurch)
Dr Amelia Wong (PCHD – Auckland)
Dr Chang-Ho Yoon (AMD – Auckland/Boston)

Contact us

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