College Policy and Advocacy Council

The RACP has two cross-College policy and advocacy groups: the College Policy and Advocacy Council and the College Policy and Advocacy Executive Committee.

The Council is the peak decision-making and strategic planning body while the Executive Committee meets between Council meetings to make decisions that require action in a shorter timeframe.

In matters of Policy and Advocacy, the Council and Executive Committee were established to:

  • determine the key policy priorities and activities for the whole College in a manner that aligns the needs of RACP members and the community
  • consult with Specialty Societies and other external bodies on policy and advocacy matters and priorities to maximise effective outcomes
  • respond to emerging policy and advocacy issues that are relevant to the College members and the community
  • promote the role of the College, Fellows and trainees in improving the quality and safety of healthcare in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

For more information, read the College Policy and Advocacy Council By-Law (PDF) and the College Policy and Advocacy Committee Guiding Principles (PDF), which are intended to inform decision-making around policy priorities and allocation of Policy and Advocacy resources.

Council members 

The Council is a representational body of 30 members, including those members of the Executive Committee.

(in alphabetical order)

Steven Bollipo, CPAC Deputy Chair, 2020-2023
Jocelyn Chan, Trainee Representative, 2020-2022
Robin Chase, AFOEM PAC Chair, 2020-2022
Adrian Dunlop, AChAM President-Elect, 2020-2022
John Eastwood, CPAC EC, 2020-2023
Phillipa Edmiston, WA Regional Committee, 2022-2025
Sayontonee Ghosh, NSW/ACT Regional Committee, 2020-2022
Peter Poon, AChPM President-Elect, 2020-2022
Felicity Hodder, NT Regional Committee, 2020-2022
Stephen Inns, Aotearoa NZ P&A Committee, 2021-2024
Debra Letica, Consumer Advisory Group, 2019-2021
Christopher Leung, CPAC EC, 2020-2023
Graeme Maguire, AMD President-Elect, 2020-2022
Jennifer Mann, CPAC EC & CPAC AFRM President-Elect, 2020-2023
Rosemary Marks, CPAC EC, 2020-2023
Catherine O'Connor, CPAC EC, 2019-2022
Theresa Naidoo, TAS Regional Committee, 2022-2025
Adrian Reynolds, CPAC EC, 2020-2023
Nathan Ryder, AChSHM Committee Policy and Advocacy Lead, 2020-2022
Judith Savige, VIC Regional Committee, 2020-2022
Rosalie Schultz, CPAC EC, 2020-2023
Jacqueline Small, CPAC Chair, 2020-2022
Graham Vimpani, PCHD PAC Chair, 2020-2021
Robert Van Den Berg, SA Regional Committee Chair, 2020-2022
Jeanette Ward, AFPHM PAC, 2020-2022
Brian Wood, QLD Regional Committee, 2020-2022

Executive Committee members

The Executive Committee is a nine-member body established through a merits based selection and appointment process, including the Chair and Deputy Chair of Council. The current Council Executive Committee term runs from 2020 to 2023.

Jacqueline Small, Chair, President-Elect*
Steven Bollipo, Deputy Chair
John Eastwood
Christopher Leung
Jennifer Mann
Rosemary Marks
Adrian Reynolds
Rosalie Schultz**
Catherine O'Connor***

*Term runs 2020-2022  **Term runs 2020-2023 ***Term runs 2019-2022

For further information about the College Policy and Advocacy Council and Executive Committee, contact the Policy and Advocacy Unit at

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