Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) provides the RACP Board with advice in areas that raise ethical considerations in the context of policy and advocacy, education, clinical practice and the health of our communities, research and financial investment. 

Read the Ethics Committee By-law (PDF)

Committee membership

Associate Professor Helen Irving, Chair (Medical Oncology, Paediatrics)
Mr Adam Johnston, Deputy Chair (Community representative)
Professor Ngiare Brown, Member (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative)
Dr Catherine Cole, Member (Board representative - Haematology, Paediatrics)
Dr Tahira Dosani, Member (Trainee representative, Paediatrics)
Professor Paul Komesaroff (Endocrinology)
Associate Professor Wendy Lipworth (Non-clinical ethicist)
Mr Peter Martin (Community representative)
Professor John Massie (Respiratory Medicine, Paediatrics)
Professor Ron Paterson (Legal professional)
Dr Nadia Rajabalee (Paediatrics Trainee)
Dr Greg Stewart (Public Health)
Dr Cindy Towns (General & Acute Care Medicine, Geriatric Medicine)
VACANT (Māori representative)


Ethics resources

Guidelines for ethical relationships between health professionals and industry

Access the easy to navigate, online version of the RACP Guidelines for ethical relationships between health professionals and industry.

These voluntary guidelines support members in navigating the complex and varied ethical challenges that may arise from interactions with industry. This resource covers interests, dualities of interest and conflicts of interest and issues affecting:

  • health practitioners
  • trainees and students
  • institutions and professional societies
  • research

A set of FAQs to address ethical issues physicians commonly encounter in their relationships with industry is available, covering the following topics:

  • meeting with drug representatives
  • speaking at a pharmaceutical company sponsored event
  • funding from a pharmaceutical company to attend a conference
  • pharmaceutical sponsorship for clinical meeting or grand round
  • funding from a pharmaceutical company to conduct or participate in research
  • invitation to be a member of a pharmaceutical company advisory board

Position Statement on Clinical Ethics

The RACP Position Statement on Clinical Ethics is the first of its kind to be developed by a medical college and calls for clinical ethics support services to be embedded within the health care systems of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

It highlights that ethics is fundamental to clinical practice, advocates for education and research in clinical ethics, and calls for the development of clinical ethics services to better support practitioners in the contemporary health context.

Members are encouraged to use the position statement to support the development of their own clinical ethics capacity and to gain support for the establishment of rigorous clinical ethics support services in their workplaces.

Clinical Ethics resources

The Clinical Ethics resources page is designed to assist RACP members to further their own education in ethics and clinical ethics and to provide resources that may assist with the development of ‘locally-appropriate’ clinical ethics services, including:

  • professional development in clinical ethics
  • trainee education in clinical ethics
  • clinical ethics services
  • academic studies
  • research and fellowships
  • other clinical ethics related resources

Online Learning resources on ethics

Pomegranate Health podcast
Coming soon
  • Clinical Ethics online course (currently in development)

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