AYAMC Mid-year Communiqué – July 2018

Highlights of the Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee (AYAMC) activities for the first half of 2018.

Key activities

  • The AYAMC have been exploring the scope of practice for adolescent and young adult medicine and possible career pathways, with the intention of communicating this information to trainees in due course.
  • The AYAMC are reviewing the Working with Young People eLearning resource. Content updates will occur over the coming months to ensure that the resource is an up to date and knowledgeable guide.
  • The AYAMC have provided feedback on the draft AYAM knowledge guide in the Basic Training Curriculum.
  • Development of the Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine position statement will continue into 2018.

Policy and Advocacy

The AYAMC have been consulted on several policy and advocacy matters over the last six months, which include:

  • ISSOP Budapest Declaration
  • RACP Health Reform Reference Group
  • RACP representative on the Australian Ministerial Advisory Committee on patient out-of-pocket costs
  • Consultation on NSQHS Standards user guide for health services providing care for people with mental health issues

Recent RACP submissions, position statements and policies can be viewed in the Policy and Advocacy Library.


I would like to welcome new members to the AYAM Committee:

  • Dr Jeremy Lewin, AMD representative
  • Dr Mick Creati, PCHD representative
  • Dr Vhari Forsyth, PCHD Trainee representative

Our full membership can be viewed on the AYAMC web page.

Useful links

Resources for your information:

Your feedback and queries are always welcomed. Please contact me at paed@racp.edu.au

Dr Bridget Farrant
Deputy Chair, Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee
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