AYAMC End-of-Year Communiqué – December 2018

Highlights of the Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee (AYAMC) activities for the second half of 2018.

Key activities

  • The AYAMC Position Statement has been reviewed and is under revision to capture the current purpose and focus of the committee.
  • The AYAMC are reviewing the Working with Young People eLearning resource. Content updates will occur over the coming months to ensure that the resource is an up to date and knowledgeable guide.
  • The AYAMC is providing input to the RACP Congress 2019, particularly a shared session between the Paediatrics & Child Health Division and Adult Medicine Division on ‘Transitions – Paediatric Care into Adult Medicine’.
  • The AYAMC held its face to face meeting in September to discuss goals for the next two years. A key focus will be on advocating for AYAM and supporting College work where adolescents and young adults are involved.

Policy and Advocacy

The AYAMC have been consulted on several policy and advocacy matters over the last six months, which include:

  • Eating Disorders Working Group EDWG MBS review
  • Professional Online Communities survey

Recent RACP submissions, position statements and policies can be viewed in the Policy and Advocacy Library.


I would like to welcome Dr Natalie Ong as the Chapter of Community Child Health representative and Bronwyn Milne, Chapter of Addiction Medicine representative to the Committee.

I wish to thank bDr Melissa Jessop for her contribution and efforts to the Committee since joining in 2013. I also thank Dr Vhari Forsyth (PCHD Trainee Representative) for her contribution to the committee. Dr Jessop and Dr Forsyth stepped down from the committee in November.

The PCHD representative and PCHD Trainee Representative to the AYAMC positions are currently open through Expressions of Interest. Email paed@racp.edu.au for more information.

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Your feedback and queries are always welcomed. Please contact me at paed@racp.edu.au

Dr Rod McClymont
Chair, Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee
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