RACP International Medal

Nominations closed Thursday 30 September 2021.

The RACP International Medal recognises a member of the College who has provided outstanding service in developing countries.

Professor Gregory FoxProfessor Gregory Fox | 2021 recipient

Professor Gregory Fox is the Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Sydney and a Research Leader at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. He is an international clinical trialist and epidemiologist whose research focuses upon tuberculosis (TB) and chronic lung disease. Over the past decade, he has established a research group in Vietnam that has conducted multi-centre studies into the prevention and detection of TB in resource-limited settings. Greg’s research, in combination with evidence reviews for the World Health Organisation, have contributed to changes in global TB policies and clinical practice.

See our past RACP International Medal recipients.


A Fellow of an RACP Division, Faculty and/or Chapter is eligible for nomination if they're:

  • a resident or undertaking significant work in 1 or more developing countries*
  • working for an international aid organisation, providing assistance to those deemed in crisis

Ineligible nominees are those who:

  • submit a nomination on their own behalf
  • are a current RACP Board member
  • are a current RACP staff member
  • have held the office of President of the RACP
  • are a past recipient of the RACP International Medal

All RACP Fellows or trainees can nominate an eligible Fellow.

* The term ‘developing countries’ includes those identified by the United Nations Human Development Index with Medium and Low Human Development Index.


The RACP International Medal recipient receives:

  • the RACP International Medal, presented at the 2022 RACP College Ceremony
  • full RACP Congress registration
  • travel and accommodation to attend the College Ceremony

Selection criteria

The assessment of the nominee's contribution in relation to others is an essential part of nomination. Please detail how your nominee has addressed all of the selection criteria:

1. Contribution to clinical and public service

How has the nominee made a significant and sustained contribution to clinical and public service?

2. Professional leadership

Demonstrate the nominee's outstanding leadership in developing and promoting initiatives to improve available clinical service available.

3. Advocacy

What significant advocacy has the nominee performed on behalf of international communities in health policy, health research or other areas of health importance?

4. Mentoring and training

How has the nominee proven their commitment to mentoring and training future and current physicians, medical graduates, and health practitioners?

Selection process

The RACP Fellowship Committee will review all eligible nominations received and select an RACP International Medal recipient.

The Fellowship Committee reserve the right not to select a recipient if all nominations received don't sufficiently meet the criteria.

For more information about the RACP International Medal, contact the RACP Foundation.

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