Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee works closely with all College bodies, including the Divisions, Faculties and Chapters, to increase the value and relevance of membership to Fellows and trainees. The Committee oversees:

  • the development of member services
  • communication with members, including engagement surveys
  • annual College Congress, College Ceremony and other celebrations and special events
  • the framework of awards and recognition that express appreciation for the pro bono work of members

The Committee also makes recommendations to the Board in relation to the awarding of Honorary Fellowships, other than recommendations made by Divisions, Faculties or Chapters, and can recommend to the Board names of non-Fellows who should be considered to receive a College award.

Read the Fellowship Committee By-law (PDF) for more information.


Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran | Chair and Board Member Director

Dr Beata Byok | Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine representative

Associate Professor Michael Gabbett | Specialty Society (HGSA) representative

Professor Timothy Geraghty | Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine representative

Dr Yun Hwang | Adult Medicine Division representative

Dr Niroshini Kennedy | Congress Lead Fellow 2021

Dr Hamish McCay | Aotearoa New Zealand representative

Dr Elizabeth Pickford | Paediatrics and Child Health Division representative

Professor Elizabeth Sullivan | Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine representative

Dr Hashim Abdeen | Trainee representative


February 2022

The following Communiqué highlights the recent activities of the Fellowship Committee as well as discussions from the 01-2022 Committee meeting, held on Thursday 10 February 2022.

Gender Equity in Medicine

The Gender Equity in Medicine Working Group (GEMWG) report and recommendations were approved by the Board at their December 2021 meeting. The Fellowship Committee is currently reviewing a draft Terms of Reference to establish a Gender Equity in Medicine Committee that will be tasked with developing an action plan to implement the recommendations from the report.

The College is also planning a campaign to launch the GEMWG report in the upcoming months and anticipates to utilise this opportunity to promote and invite members to join the new Gender Equity in Medicine Committee.

Congress 2022 progress update

The Fellowship Committee were pleased to see new representatives joining the Congress Program Committee and received an update on the Congress 2022 program and speakers. We discussed and provided advice on planning for Congress 2022 and following our meeting, the Board approved a hybrid model for Congress, which will be held in person at Melbourne and Auckland as well as online between Thursday 12 and Saturday 14 May.

The Fellowship Committee would like to encourage you to participate by registering for Congress 2022 

Review of Fellowship Committee Awards criteria

The Fellowship Committee recently reviewed the criteria for several of the Colleges Awards and Medals and agreed to include additional criteria to recognise altruistic endeavours by our members when reviewing nominations for these awards.

Please join us in congratulating and acknowledging all the nominees and recipients of the 2021 College Awards and Medals. We were impressed at the quality of nominations received for our awards and would like to encourage our members to continue with all your outstanding work.

See more information about the College Awards and Medals and the 2021 recipients, see College and Congress prizes.

145 Macquarie Street Video Tour

The College has undertaken a project to develop a video tour of its 145 Macquarie Street building to showcase the rich history of the College. Filming for the video tour has recently been completed and recording of the narration for the video is currently being organized with the Chair of the Library Collections and Cultural heritage Committee. The College’s 145 Macquarie Street video tour will be launched during Congress 2022.

Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran
Chair, Fellowship Committee
March 2022

December 2021

The following Communiqué highlights the recent activities of the Fellowship Committee as well as discussions from the 04-2021 Committee meeting, held on Thursday 25 November 2021.

College Awards and Medals

I am pleased to announce that the Fellowship Committee have endorsed the recipients of the following 2022 Fellowship Committee awards and medals and look forward to their announcement in the new year.

  • RACP Medal for Clinical Service in Rural and Remote Areas
  • RACP International Medal
  • RACP Mentor of the Year Award
  • RACP Trainee of the Year Award

The Fellowship Committee also reviewed and endorsed a nomination for The College Medal which has been referred to the Board for approval.

We continue to be impressed by the calibre of our Fellows and trainees nominated for these prestigious which acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contributions of our members.

Find out more about applying/nominating for our College awards, medals and prizes.

GEMWG Update

The Gender Equity in Medicine Working Group (GEMWG) recently concluded their twelve-month term and submitted a report with six recommendations on the role and actions to be taken by the College to better support gender equity in medicine for the Fellowship Committee’s consideration.

The Fellowship Committee reviewed and endorsed the GEMWG report and recommendations and have referred it to the Board for approval. It is anticipated that a version of the report will be made available to members once approved by the Board.

The Fellowship Committee congratulates the GEMWG for their hard work over their twelve-month term and look forward to supporting gender equity in medicine and within the College.

Congress Update

The College will survey membership early next year to determine a plan for a sustainable future for Congress, and will look at issues such as the values and significance of Congress for professional development; current needs for networking, education and connection to the College; and the best format and delivery of educational content.

The Fellowship Committee approved the locations for Congress 2023 (Sofitel, Brisbane) and Congress 2024 (International Convention Centre, Sydney) and are pleased to advise that Congress will continue to be delivered as a hybrid format, with both in-person and online, virtual content.

Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran
Chair, Fellowship Committee
December 2021

September 2021

The following Communiqué highlights the recent activities of the Fellowship Committee as well as discussions from the 03-2021 Committee meeting, held on Tuesday 7 September 2021.

Skill & Experience Register

Every member of the Fellowship Committee has now completed the Skill & Experience form that will contribute to the Skill & Experience Register for all RACP Board Committees. This Register responds to the Effective Governance recommendations which aim to improve the governance of the College.

Congress 2022

Preparations are now underway for Congress 2022, and the Fellowship Committee has approved recommendations including theme (“A Climate for Change”); the hybrid format (both face-to-face and online content); duration of post-even online access to content; and Congress’s pricing structure. The Committee also approved Brisbane and Sydney for the Congress locations for 2023 and 2024 respectively and discussed the longer-term strategy for Congress. I would like to thank the Congress Program Committee, including the Fellowship Committee’s 2022 Lead Fellow Dr Niro Kennedy, for all their hard work and planning for Congress during a time of great disruption.

Membership Diversity Advisory Group

I am very pleased to confirm that Fellowship Committee member A/Prof Michael Gabbett volunteered his valuable time and expertise to be the Committee member needed for the Membership Diversity Advisory Group. This Board-appointed Group aims to help the College foster a respectful culture within the organisation by acknowledging, promoting and gaining a clearer picture of the diversity of both its membership and its staff. Find out more about the Membership Diversity Advisory Group 

GEMWG update

The Fellowship Committee was updated on the current activities of the Gender Equity in Medicine Working Group (GEMWG) which was established in 2020 and has developed recommendations on the role and actions to be taken by the College to better support gender equity in medicine. Four key pieces of current work include a definition of what gender equity means for the College; understanding gender equity experiences; reviewing college policies and processes; and partnering in the Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership program.

RACP Foundation Update

An update was provided regarding the various College Awards, Medals and Honorary Fellowships available to College members by way of nomination from other members. No nominations have been received to date. All Division, Faculty and Chapter Presidents, as well as Specialty Society Presidents, have been directly contacted to encourage discussion and to nominate their members. The Committee made the suggestions that the closing date for nominations could be extended, and that Regional Committee Chairs could be approached. These suggestions were accepted and have now been actioned. Further information on College Awards, Medals and Honorary Fellowships.

ATSM Service Update

The Fellowship Committee was advised that the consultation process with key stakeholders has now been completed. The Committee was involved in this consultation at their June 2021 meeting. This service provides support to participating specialty groups in their advanced trainee recruitment activities. Find out more about the AT selection and matching process.

Member Engagement Plan Update

Since the Fellowship Committee first endorsed the Member Engagement Plan (MEP) for 2020-2025 at its February 2020 meeting, the College has continued work under each of the MEP objectives and continues to report its progress at each Committee meeting. At this meeting the Committee received updates on the RACP Online Community (ROC) which will launch on 30 September; the Member Satisfaction Survey which closed on 30 August; and the RACP Website update, which included a full content audit, and the selection of an expert digital vendor to carry out a review and provide recommendations.

Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran
Chair, Fellowship Committee
September 2021

June 2021

Read the highlights of recent Committee activities and key issues discussed at the 02-2021 meeting held on 17 June 2021.

I am pleased to have been appointed as a new member on the Board and the new Chair of the Fellowship Committee. I would also like to thank Dr Greg Stewart for the invaluable work and leadership he has provided to the Committee over the past eight months.

Conversations with the Board

Since 2018, our Board has hosted several Conversations with the Board events to provide an opportunity for members to engage with the Board, provide feedback, raise issues, and receive updates on College activities. On 29 June, we held our third virtual event this year with members in South Australia and will be holding similar virtual events in the Northern Territory on 18 August, New South Wales on 15 September, Victoria on 6 October and Queensland on 20 October. Invitations to these events will be sent to members in these regions closer to the date so I encourage those of you in these states to register and attend these valuable events.

Member Health & Wellbeing

The Board recently approved the terms of reference and establishment of a Member Health and Wellbeing Committee to represent the views of members and promote the health and wellbeing of physicians and trainees. Get involved and express your interest.

Gender Equity in Medicine

I am pleased to advise that our College’s Gender Equity in Medicine Working Group (GEMWG) is undertaking some great work in this space. The Fellowship Committee approved the College gender equity principles developed by the GEMWG and received updates on the GEMWG’s work including the development of a gender equity glossary, review of our College’s policies, the Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership Program and Advancing Women in Healthcare Congress session which is still available online for those that registered for Congress 2021.

RACP Congress 2021 Interim Report

I would like to congratulate our College for all the hard work that went into organising RACP Congress 2021 which was delivered as a hybrid virtual and face to face event spanning six cities in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand over a two-week period. The recorded content will be accessible online for registered delegates until 29 October 2021.

ATSM Service Update

The Fellowship Committee discussed the longer-term delivery of the Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM) service which provides support to participating specialty groups in their advanced trainee recruitment activities. I welcome the ongoing feedback from members on this initiative to assist developments in this area. More information on the ATSM.

Member Advantage Program Update

Our College is currently undertaking work to review its Member Advantage Program to determine its value and identify other benefits that members would value. Find out more and how to access our College Member Advantage Program

Online Community Project Update

I am pleased to share that the ROC (RACP Online Community) pilot is successfully underway with just under 300 members participating. A full evaluation report on the ROC is in development for the Fellowship Committee’s consideration with recommendations for the continuation of the ROC preceding its pilot. Subject to a successful pilot and endorsement of the ROC, a full roll out to members can be anticipated by the end of the year.

Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran
Chair, Fellowship Committee
June 2021

February 2021

Read the highlights of recent Committee activities and key issues discussed at the 01-2021 meeting, held on 12 February 2021.

Update from the Fellowship Committee (FC) Chair

I would like to acknowledge how difficult and trying 2020 has been for us all and congratulate everyone on the resilience and adaptability shown by both members and the College alike. We have all proven that in difficult times, we can rise to the occasion and thrive.

I welcome our new trainee representative Dr Hashim Abdeen and new Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) representative Professor Elizabeth Sullivan to the Fellowship Committee. We look forward to working with you both and are very pleased to have you on the Committee.

Conversations with the Board

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to continue to host our Conversations with the Board events virtually this year. Our first two events were held with Tasmanian members on 11 February and with members from the Hunter New England/Newcastle area on 24 February.

The Board and I would like to thank the members who joined us for an open and constructive discussion and encourage you all to continue to attend these events and provide feedback to our College to ensure we continually improve the way we support our members. For more see Board Communiqués and Conversations with the Board (page bottom).

Gender equity in medicine update

The Gender Equity in Medicine Working Group (GEMWG) have developed a work plan that was endorsed by the Fellowship Committee which they will be working towards over the course of 2021. The working group is also planning for an ‘Advancing Women in Healthcare’ session for Congress 2021 which will be held on 5 May from 4.05 to 4.50pm in Melbourne. We encourage members to register to attend this session virtually or in person through the event website.

Recruitment is also underway for members interested in participating in the Gender Equity in Medicine Reference Group (GEMRG). To apply refer to the GEMRG expression of interest.

Library Collections and Cultural Heritage Committee (LCCHC)

The Fellowship Committee approved the LCCHC’s work plan which will guide their work over the next 2 years. The LCCHC are doing some exciting work which includes a video tour of our College’s 145 Macquarie street building and the digitisation of our library archives.The College has published Our heritage on the website. It includes the College roll, College timeline and History of Medicine Library. I encourage you all to visit the Our Heritage page to find out more about the vast history of our College. Work is also underway to develop videos for Congress 2021 which will highlight the introduction of insulin use within Australia in recognition of the 100th year since the discovery of insulin.

Leadership resources

The Fellowship Committee has compiled a list of leadership resources developed by the College with the aim of providing a library for members seeking leadership development. The Fellowship Committee is currently looking to work with other College bodies and members who have experience and expertise in leadership to review these resources to ensure they are relevant and of value to members. If you are interested in being involved in this initiative and reviewing our College’s leadership resources, please contact us on Fellowship.Committee@racp.edu.au

Congress update

I would like to congratulate our College for delivering a successful RACP Online Congress Series in 2020. The Congress 2020 Online Series content was offered free or charge and made available via the RACP eLearning Online Congress Series webpage over a six-month period. It is remarkable to think that our College was able to provide 43.5 hours of content including 27 pre-recorded videos, 25 live webinars and 13 podcasts with such short notice and time to prepare. Equally as impressive is that we had 6,864 unique participants who accessed the RACP Online Congress Series in 2020.

Congress 2021 update

The organisation of Congress 2021 is well underway which will include a comprehensive virtual program complemented by 6 one-day face-to-face gatherings over a two-week period which will also be live streamed to online delegates. All content will be recorded, and the program will be made accessible to all delegates online for up to 6 months. I encourage you all to visit our Congress 2021 website to register and view the program as well as direct any queries to racpcongress@racp.edu.au.

Dr Greg Stewart
Chair, Fellowship Committee
March 2021
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