Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee works closely with all College bodies, including the Divisions, Faculties and Chapters, to increase the value and relevance of membership to Fellows and trainees. The Committee oversees:

  • the development of member services
  • communication with members, including engagement surveys
  • annual College Congress, College Ceremony and other celebrations and special events
  • the framework of awards and recognition that express appreciation for the pro bono work of members

The Committee also makes recommendations to the Board in relation to the awarding of Honorary Fellowships, other than recommendations made by Divisions, Faculties or Chapters, and can recommend to the Board names of non-Fellows who should be considered to receive a College award.

Read the Fellowship Committee By-law (PDF) for more information.


Dr Sharmila Ramessur Chandran, Chair and Specialty Society (ANZSN) representative 

Dr Beata Byok, Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine representative

Associate Professor Michael Gabbett, Specialty Society (HGSA) representative

Professor Timothy Geraghty, Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine representative

Dr Yun Hwang, Adult Medicine Division representative

Dr Niroshini Kennedy, Congress Lead Fellow 2021

Dr Hamish McCay, Aotearoa New Zealand representative

Dr Elizabeth Pickford, Paediatrics and Child Health Division representative

Professor Elizabeth Sullivan, Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine representative

Dr Hashim Abdeen, Trainee representative


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February 2020

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