The Jacquot Awards

The Jacquot Awards support nephrologists wishing to establish or pursue a research career for the treatment and management of renal disease.

In 1985, Mrs Lorraine Jacquot of Trash and Treasure Australia Pty Ltd established the Don Jacquot Fellowship in memory of her late husband. Following her death in 1992, the RACP Foundation received an additional bequest from Lorraine and the Fellowship was renamed the Don and Lorraine Jacquot Fellowship. Their legacy has allowed for the funding of additional Fellowships and Scholarships over time.

The Awards are co-administered by the RACP and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN). Representatives from the ANSZN Research Advisory Committee and the RACP Grants Advisory Committees (GAC) assess all Jacquot Award applications.

We are all are grateful for the guidance and support of Ian and Zanette Brown and the Rowling family in the administration of these prestigious Awards.

Jacquot Research Entry Scholarships
Providing stipend support for Fellows and trainees in nephrology to undertake a research higher degree in basic, clinical, epidemiological or public health aspects of nephrology.

Jacquot Research Establishment Fellowship
Assisting Fellows and trainees who have completed a research higher degree to establish a career in medical research.

Don and Lorraine Jacquot Career Development Fellowship
Providing opportunities for nephrologists and Fellows of the RACP who have completed a postgraduate research higher degree, or have substantial research experience, and are still at an early stage in their career. The recipient will be expected to:

  • carry out independent and/or team research
  • undertake activities to develop their expertise in biomedical, clinical and/or public health research
  • have clearly defined outcomes and objectives

Jacquot Selection Committee

Associate Professor Carmel Hawley, Co-chair (ANZSN Research Advisory Committee)

Professor Richard Kitching, Co-chair (ANZSN Research Advisory Committee)

Professor Stephen Alexander

Associate Professor Melinda Coughlan (ANZSN)

Dr Meg Jardine (ANZSN)

Professor Graham Lieschke (GAC Deputy Chair)

Associate Professor Rob MacGinley (GAC)

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