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The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) is the professional organisation committed to establishing and maintaining the standard of training and practice of occupational and environmental medicine across Australia and New Zealand.

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AFOEM is leading the Health Benefits of Good WorkTM (HBGW) initiative based on the premise that for most people, work is good for health and wellbeing and protracted work absence is detrimental to physical and mental health and wellbeing. AFOEM is also developing a reference Guide to Common Medico-Legal Terms.

Accelerated Silicosis

Australia is currently in the grips of an epidemic of accelerated silicosis, a preventable occupational lung disease occurring in workers as a result of exposure to silica dust. This can occur in various industries, but the recent spike in cases is related to the manufacture and installation of artificial stone bench tops.

AFOEM is leading the College's advocacy on accelerated silicosis, in collaboration with the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ). AFOEM and TSANZ have undertaken extensive work to build a foundation of knowledge on accelerated silicosis. As there is limited knowledge on the disease at the present, AFOEM and TSANZ are advocating for the creation of government-funded health surveillance and disease registries necessary to support workers who have been exposed and are also calling for industry regulators to take urgent action to address silicosis as it continues to put workers’ lives at risk.

Both major Australian parties have committed to supporting the establishment of a national taskforce with the responsibility of leading and coordinating a national response to the accelerated silicosis epidemic.

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