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Physician Health and Effective Leadership

Presented by Dr Warren Harrex (August 2019)

Leadership and Management in the Health Sector | Document

Stress in Health Services | Document

Health Benefits of Good Work Industry Forum


The Greatest Influence on Return to Work: The Workplace, Insurer or Doctor
Dr Mary Wyatt | Document | Video

AFOEM President on the Health Benefits of Good Work
Dr Beata Byok | Document

Continuous Improvements to the Health and Wellbeing of Remote Area Drivers
Louise Bilato | Document

Injury Management and Mental Health for First Responders: A Northern Territory Perspective
Julian Robertson and John Deane | Document

Triaging for High Risk Claims: Does Method Matter?
Pam Garton | Document

Sustainable Workforce at Danila Dilba Health Service
Danila Dilba Health Service | Document

Working To Create Wellness: Opportunities Ahead
Samantha Breust, Konekt | Document

The Good Work Tool
Noni Byron | Document



The Health Benefits of Good Work – supporting mental health during change and uncertainty
Rob McDonald | Document

The Collaborative Partnership to Improve Work Participation
Robert Willmett | Document

The Employee Care Approach
Morag Fitzsimons | Document

The Health Benefits of Good Work – What is Good Work?
Dr Graeme Edwards | Document

Good Work Who Wins
Altius Group | Document

Human Factors Design
Sara Pazell | Document


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Best practice risk management strategies in healthcare
Natasha Lazareski | Video 

Creating an effective health and wellbeing program
Mark Devenyns | Video 

Facing the challenges of an ageing health sector workforce
Kristine Gatt | Video 

How to create a mentally healthy workplace
Kath Jones | Video

Changing minds and saving lives using HBGW
David Sager | Video

Launch of revised Consensus Statement on the Health Benefits of Good Work
Warren Harrex | Video

Principles of good work design: What are they and how can they be applied 
Professor Sharon Parker | Video

Bottom up approach to wicked problems: Doctor mental health
Roger Lai | Video

Achieving consensus on the Health Benefits of Good Work for healthcare workers
Associate Professor Peter Connaughton | Video

Other resources

Implications of the Health Benefits of Work for New Zealand
Professor Dame Carol Black | Video

Health Benefits of Good Work – RACGP
Dr Amy Ho | Document

Building a Business Case
Morag Fitzsimons | Document

Building the HBGW brand and profile through engagement of signatory base
Christianna Johnson | Document

Leverage your Workplace Strategy to leverage well being
AMP | Document

Health Benefits of Good Work Applied
Anne Cherry | Document

Connecting Financial Literacy and the Health Benefits of Good Work
WCD | Document

Keeping workers healthy as they age
Dr Anne Tiedemann | Document

Early Rehabilitation Models - NSW Fire and Rescue
Andrew McGarity | Document

AFOEM - Evidence Update
Dr Warren Harrex | Document

AFOEM Signatory Steering Group 2016 Forum | eBook

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