RACP International Medal

Nominations for 2025 open 15 June to 30 September 2024.

The RACP International Medal recognises a member of the College who has provided outstanding service in developing countries.

This prestigious prize is awarded annually at the RACP College Ceremony.

Dr Ingrid Bucens | 2024 recipient

ingrid-bucensIngrid graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1987 and obtained her FRACP in 1997, having trained at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. She later completed a Masters of Public Health at Monash University.

After 5 years at Royal Darwin Hospital, Ingrid left in 2001 to 'work for a year' in East Timor, at the time a country with 12 medical doctors and no paediatricians. She worked in many areas of the health system and held a constant passion for improving neonatal health. Other passions included teaching doctors, nurses and midwives; improving the quality of hospital care and, most recently, initiating in-country cancer care for children.

In 2008 Ingrid married Max Stahl, the journalist who filmed the massacre at the Santa Cruz cemetery in 1991, a pivotal point in the country’s liberation struggle. Max’s unwavering dedication to the Timorese was largely responsible for Ingrid’s one year in East Timor extending to almost 20.

Max’s recurrent cancer and the global pandemic moved the family back across the sea in 2020 and, devastatingly, Max died in 2021.

Ingrid currently lives in Brisbane with her two children and with East Timor in her heart; she leads operational research projects on neonatal sepsis through the Menzies School of Health Research.

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A nominee must be Fellow of an RACP Division, Faculty and/or Chapter and be:

  • a resident or undertaking significant work in 1 or more developing countries*
  • working for an international aid organisation, providing assistance to those deemed in crisis.

A nominee must not:

  • submit a nomination on their own behalf
  • be a current RACP Board member
  • be a current RACP staff member
  • have held the office of President of the RACP
  • be a past recipient of the RACP International Medal

All RACP Fellows or trainees can nominate an eligible Fellow.

* The term ‘developing countries’ includes those identified by the United Nations Human Development Index.  


Read the Terms and Conditions for College meritorious awards and prizes by nomination  before submitting a nomination.

Inform the nominee of your intent to submit a nomination.

Email a completed nomination form addressing the selection criteria to foundation@racp.edu.au together with:

  • CV of the nominee
  • two letters of support
  • other relevant supporting documentation (optional)

Note: A nomination is not complete and cannot be progressed unless all required documentation is received.

Download nomination form (DOC)

The College Conflicts Of Interest Policy (PDF) and Privacy Policy apply to the prize nominees and recipient.

Selection criteria

The assessment of the nominee's contribution in relation to others is an essential part of nomination. Please detail how your nominee has addressed all of the selection criteria:

1. Contribution to clinical and public service

How has the nominee made a significant and sustained contribution to clinical and public service?

2. Professional leadership

Demonstrate the nominee's outstanding leadership in developing and promoting initiatives to improve available clinical service available.

3. Advocacy

What significant advocacy has the nominee performed on behalf of international communities in health policy, health research or other areas of health importance?

4. Mentoring and training

How has the nominee proven their commitment to mentoring and training future and current physicians, medical graduates, and health practitioners?

Selection process

The RACP Fellowship Committee will review all eligible nominations received and select an RACP International Medal recipient.

The Fellowship Committee reserves the right not to select a recipient if all nominations received do not meet the high standards required for this award.

For more information about the RACP International Medal, contact the RACP Foundation.

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