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Who can apply for RACP Foundation Awards?

Physicians at all stages of their career can apply. Awards are offered to RACP Fellows and trainees, medical students and medical graduates.

Which awards and grants can I apply for?

The various awards (Fellowships, Scholarships and grants) offered by the RACP Foundation have different eligibility requirements. Details are available in the description for each award.

I'm expecting to complete my PhD/higher degree within the year. Am I eligible to apply for Research Establishment Fellowships?

Yes, if you're expecting to complete/receive your PhD/higher degree within the year, you're eligible to apply for the Research Establishment Fellowships. If you're successful in your application, the grant will be conditional subject to the completion and award of your degree.

Can I apply for multiple awards?

Yes, you're allowed to apply for multiple Research Awards at the same time in one application (for the same category), but will only be granted one if successful. However, you must ensure that you're eligible for the specific award that you're applying for as each will have different eligibility requirements.

Can I apply for funding for research to be carried out overseas?

Some of the awards available are tenable overseas. Check the details of the specific award you would like to apply for.

Am I eligible to apply for a Research Award if I’m only doing part-time research?

Yes, you can apply for Research Awards even for part-time research, unless otherwise stipulated in the criteria of the specific Award. Refer to the terms and conditions for the award category. 

Are there any scholarships available to assist with travel/accommodation costs?

Travel grants may be used to cover traveling or re-establishment costs or fees. Check the specific award for more details.

I'm already a recipient of an RACP Research Award. Can I apply again for continued funding?

This depends on the award category. You may be able to receive an award for up to two successive years in some categories, provided that you're successful in your application for the succeeding year(s). Read the terms and conditions for the award category before completing an application form, and remember to attach a progress report.

Do you have any undergraduate scholarships for those who wish to pursue a medical career?

The RACP Foundation doesn't offer scholarships to fund undergraduate degrees at this time.

Are there any funding opportunities for medical students?

There are some opportunities available to medical students in the way of Prizes and Scholarships offered by the Divisions, Faculties, Chapters and regions to provide learning and networking opportunities. Refer to Division, Faculty and Chapter Awards & Prizes.


I can't access my saved application form. What can I do?

Email and provide as much detail as possible about the issue.

I hold another grant. What does this mean for Career Development and Research Establishment Fellowship applicants? 

RACP Research Establishment Fellowships and Career Development Fellowships may not be held concurrently with NHMRC Investigator Grants or other similar grants providing both stipend and project funding. If concurrent RACP funding is sought with other grant schemes already providing funding to conduct the proposed research, the applicant must provide a justification of how RACP funding will contribute to the conduct of the proposed research and its anticipated outcomes.

Applicants must provide accurate information about previous, current, and pending grants in the appropriate fields of the application form for it to be considered complete. This information is used to assess track record and to understand the funding context should an RACP award be made. Grant recipients must comply with the terms and conditions about joint funding.

Can I make changes to my application once I have submitted it for my supervisor’s approval?

No, once you've submitted your application for your supervisors’ approval, you're unable to make changes on your application form. We recommend that you show the draft of your application to your supervisor for their inputs prior to submitting your application.

Can I submit the application after closing date?

Once the application round is closed, no late submissions will be accepted.

What information is required from my supervisor for my application?

Applications for Research Entry Scholarships and Research Development Scholarships require an assessment from your supervisor. See a sample supervisor statement that shows the information required from your supervisor.

What is the VFFF Research Establishment Fellowship Referee Report? Is there a template for it?

The referee report is only required if you're applying for the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Research Fellowship. There's no specified template for this referee report.

How do I apply for an NHMRC top-up?

Applications for NHMRC top-up awards are no longer offered by the RACP.

Terms and conditions

Are there new terms and conditions?

Revised terms and conditions apply to awards of all categories from 1 May 2022. Recipients of awards accepted before that date will have to abide by the terms and conditions that were in place at the time of the acceptance.

Am I allowed to apply for an award more than once?

In Career Development Fellowship, applicants may only receive an award once from within this category. In other categories, applicants may only receive awards from within same category for up to two successive years.

How many deferrals are allowed?

Only one deferral may be permitted with maximum time allowed 12 months.

What's a Letter of Acquittal?

A Letter of Acquittal is a document provided by the recipient’s Administering Institution. Currently the Acquittal Letter is to be written in a free form on official letterhead stating that the funds have been used appropriately, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award and only for the recipient’s project.

Award recipients

What's the earliest time funding can begin for my Award?

The earliest that funding can commence for an Award is in January of that year it's awarded for. For example, 2024 Award funding commences in January 2024 at the earliest.

Exceptions to this are the Education Development Grants, which are offered twice a year and paid during the current year.

Will I be charged tax on the award? If so, how much?

The College is unable to provide advice on tax. Please seek independent tax advice regarding your funding.

Can I make changes to the Award after I've been notified that my application has been successful?

Any request to change the terms of your Award should be submitted to the RACP Foundation using the Request for Amendment Form to be reviewed and considered. Changes may be requested to the Budget, Scope or the Timeline against your initial Application. Failure to submit a request before any change will violate the terms and conditions of the Award.

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