The John Sands College Medal - nominations close 25 September

Date published:
16 Aug 2017

Each year the John Sands College Medal is awarded to recognise Fellows that have made a significant contribution towards the welfare of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

Nominations for the 2018 award close Monday, 25 September 2017.

It is named for Dr John Robert Sands (1919-1980), a World War II veteran and physician whose involvement in the RACP has had a lasting impact.

Dr Sands was elected as a Member Councillor in 1958 and appointed Assistant Honorary Treasurer in 1960 – the same year he gained Fellowship. In 1962 he was appointed Honorary Treasurer, a post he held until 1968. He continued as an elected Councillor of the College until 1974 and served as Vice-President 1974–1976.

Dr Sands, together with Professor Bryan Hudson, re-organised the College Training Program, which culminated in the implementation of a new examination, Advanced Training and accreditation system. This is considered Dr Sands’ greatest contribution to the RACP and medicine in Australia.

Dr Sands graduated from the University of Sydney in 1941, serving as a Junior Resident at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH). He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in 1942 and served in the Pacific area until the end of WWII. After the war, he returned to residency at RPAH for a refresher period before being assigned to the orthopaedics ward and becoming a member of the RACP. 

In 1955, he was appointed Honorary Assistant Physician to RPAH. In 1963, he became, what was then termed, a Senior Physician in charge of a general medical unit. 

Dr Sands’ particular interest was renal medicine and he played a critical role in fostering and developing the renal unit and transplantation program in Sydney. 

He was actively involved in multiple medical organisations, serving on the committee, and later as Chair, of the Eastern Suburbs Medical Association and was a Councillor of the Medical Defence Union for a number of years. 

RACP Fellows and trainees are invited to submit nominations for the John Sands College Medal for a Fellow in recognition of a significant contribution to the welfare of the College. 

Nominees who meet the criteria but are not deemed the recipient of the John Sands College Medal will be considered for the College Medal in recognition of outstanding service to the welfare of the College.

The recipients of the John Sands College Medal and College Medal will be announced at the Congress Ceremony. If no contribution is adjudged to be of sufficiently high standard, an award will not be made. 

Read more on the John Sands College Medal, including the prize, eligibility and criteria, terms and conditions and nomination form. 

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