New Internal Medicine Journal released

Date published:
08 Aug 2018

You can now read the August 2018 of the Internal Medicine Journal (IMJ). Media and health in NZ

A selection of articles featured are listed below.
  • The vitamin epidemic: harm or value?
  • Substance misuse and fitness to drive
  • Diabetes before and after lung transplantation
  • Media reporting of health interventions
  • Polyserositis: a diagnostic challenge
  • Funding medicine for rare diseases

The Editor's Choice for the month is an original article Media reporting of health interventions in New Zealand: a retrospective analysis by Christian Robinson, Nick Cutfield, John Mottershead, Katrina Sharples, Rosalina Richards, Jason Kingan, Celina Ledgard, Anuja Liyanage, Jennifer McLean, Fouad Nahab, Fergus Stewart, Samuel Strachan, Kathryn Tucker and Zhiyuan Zhang.

The IMJ can also be viewed on the Wiley Online Library.

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