Upcoming deadline to record your MyCPD credits for 2021

Date published:
24 Mar 2022

Do you still need to submit your 2021 CPD? This is a friendly reminder that the CPD deadline for 2021 is fast approaching, with 2021 MyCPD records due by Thursday, 31 March 2022. 

Remember, CPD records are now open for 2022. Recording activities as you go is highly recommended, quick and easy.

For further details about the MyCPD Framework, please visit:

Please note that the Medical Council of New Zealand has additional mandatory requirements for Aotearoa New Zealand practitioners.

Helpful links:


Please don’t hesitate to contact the CPD Team for any assistance:

1300 697 227 (option 3 for CPD)

Aotearoa New Zealand
04 460 8122

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