Making a connection podcast out now

Date published:
17 Jul 2018

In this Pomegranate Health episode, US-based physician Associate Professor Danielle Ofri discusses where breakdowns in doctor-patient communication occur—often in the first 10 or 20 seconds of a consultation. Dr Ofri suggests ways for physicians to listen better, be understood and promote adherence.

Some media outlets also report a ‘crisis of compassion’ in healthcare. Burnout of staff is a major contributor, and palliative care physician Dr Shamsul Shah describes how to mitigate it by convening groups to reflect on the emotional challenges of the job. She recently published an evaluation of Schwartz Center Rounds® (case-based reflections) run at Auckland City Hospital in the College’s Internal Medicine Journal

RACP Fellows can claim CPD credits via MyCPD for listening and using resources related to this episode.

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