2017 New Zealand Election Statement: Make health equity the norm

Date published:
10 Aug 2017

The RACP is calling for New Zealand politicians to take urgent action to make health equity the norm, ahead of the New Zealand ​election.

RACP New Zealand President Dr Jonathan Christiansen said that current inequities in health outcomes will persist until the social inequities that impact on health are addressed.

“As physicians and paediatricians we are treating patients who are struggling with preventable illnesses every day,” Dr Christiansen explained.

“We need more holistic approaches to addressing the social determinants of good health, including healthy housing, ‘good’ work and whānau wellbeing.”

The RACP believes there are immediate actions policymakers can take to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable people in our communities. These include:

  • making ​healthy ​housing the norm by introducing a regulation to mandate a Warrant of Fitness and Health for residential dwellings
  • making ​good ​work the norm by promoting the Living Wage to support the health and wellness of employees and their whānau
  • making  whānau  ​wellbeing  the  norm  by taking  a  child-centred  approach  to  all legislation, policy and regulation.

“Ensuring whānau are supported to lead healthy lives by addressing the causes of poor health will lead to reduced costs for  the health system and greater  health equity,” Dr Christiansen said.
Read the RACP's full statement​.

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