COVID-19 Learnings and Opportunities Report

Date published:
22 Dec 2020

The RACP finds itself in new territory as it navigates the impacts of a global pandemic on our profession on the frontline. Governments and the community have turned to the RACP and various Specialty Societies for expert advice. That expertise, based on rapidly evolving evidence, has been at the heart of decision-making taken by government at all levels, and delivered a significant, positive impact on the suppression of COVID-19 in the ANZ region.

Since the very start of the pandemic, our members have been at the centre of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand’s successful fight against COVID-19. The success of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand in quelling COVID-19 has become the envy of the world, achieved because our governments adopted the advice of Public Health and Infectious Disease Fellows and other experts amongst the RACP Divisions, Faculties and Chapters, and Specialty Societies. The leadership of the RACP and its members in the future of health policy, prevention and health services has arguably never looked brighter or been more valued.

Please read the RACP’s COVID-19 Learnings and Opportunities Report highlighting how we responded to the pandemic and how we will harness the learnings and opportunities for organisational resilience, sustainability, and growth.

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