Divisional Clinical Examination

What is the Clinical Examination?

Basic Physician Trainees in Adult Internal Medicine or Paediatrics & Child Health sit the Clinical Examination at the end of their training. Completion of the Written Examination is prerequisite to sitting the Clinical Examination.

The Clinical Examination consists of two Long Cases and four Short Cases. Each candidate completes all six cases within a single examination day. The Examination is marked out of 210. In order to pass candidates must achieve a minimum aggregate mark of 120 as well as a pass in at least one Long Case AND at least one Short Case.

The clinical skills tested in the Examination include history taking, physical examination, interpretation of findings, construction of a diagnosis or differential diagnosis, method of investigation and general management of patients.

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What ​is the pas​s r​at​e for the ​examination?

Overall pass statistics for the ​Clinical Examination from previous years are available under past examination results.

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