Theme: Environment and culture

Environment and culture guides training providers to deliver a high-quality care environment and culture that meets the training needs of trainees and supports educators.


  • A safe and high-quality medical practice environment that:
    • is safe
    • ovalues the work of trainees and Fellows
    • emphasises the importance of learning
    • embraces evidence-based patient and population-centred care
    • employs culturally safe practices
  • Trainees and Fellows are engaged in:
    • quality and safety activities
    • leadership and management
    • research
    • health policy, systems and advocacy
  • Educators are well supported, respected and appreciated.
  • The training provider is committed to promoting excellence in training.
  • Training is incorporated as an important focus of strategic planning and there is investment in trainee learning.
  • The environment exemplifies the 10 domains of the RACP’s Professional Practice Framework:
    • medical expertise
    • ethical and professional behaviour
    • judgement and decision making
    • leadership and management
    • health policy, systems, and advocacy
    • communication
    • quality and safety
    • teaching and learning
    • research
    • cultural competence


  • Leaders at an executive level (or equivalent):
    • develop and maintain the environment and culture
    • are responsible for acting if concerns are raised about patient safety or training
  • Fellows perform their duties in a manner that demonstrates the RACP’s Professional Practice Framework.


Standard 1: Safety and quality

Standard 2: Learning environment

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