AFPHM Assessment Committee

The AFPHM Faculty Assessment Committee reviews assessment procedures to ensure that they are fair. It makes recommendations to the Faculty Education Committee and Faculty Council on any new procedures for the future.

The Faculty Assessment Committee oversees the development and evaluation of a suite of assessment tasks within the Faculty, including the Faculty’s Fellowship exam, and engages in continuous quality improvement of its assessments. The Faculty Assessment Committee reports to the Faculty Education Committee.

Read the AFPHM Faculty Assessment Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).


Dr Gulam Khandaker, Chair

Dr Casey Nottage, Professional Qualities Reflection (PQR) Lead

Dr Saman Farahangiz, Direct Observation of Practical Professional Skills (DOPPS) Lead

Dr Megan Young, Lead in Oral Examination 

Dr Lea Merone, Workplace Reports (WPR) Lead

Dr Penny Hutchinson, Oral Presentation Assessments (OPA) Lead

Vacant, Deputy Chair

Vacant, New Zealand Representative / New Fellow Representative

Meeting dates

Thursday 22 February 2024 (videoconference)
Thursday 30 May 2024 (videoconference)
Thursday 8 August 2024 (videoconference)
Thursday 12 September 2024 (videoconference)
Thursday 24 October 2024 (videoconference)

Contact us

For further information, email the AFPHM Faculty Assessment Committee at

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