AFPHM Training Committee

The AFPHM Training Committee (FTC)  provides advice and support to the AFPHM Education Committee (FEC) on teaching and learning matters relevant to public health medicine trainees.

The FTC oversees regional processes for recruitment, training, career development and support of public health medicine trainees. It's comprised of Regional Education Coordinators (REC) who are the main contact for trainees in their jurisdiction and approve training plans and supervisor reports.

The FTC promotes consistency in application of policies and procedures at a national and regional level, including supervision, monitoring trainee progress and readiness for assessment, mentoring and educational programs.

Read the Faculty Training Committee — Public Health Medicine Terms of Reference (PDF).


Dr Phil Hider, Chair and Aotearoa New Zealand REC

Dr Bronwen Harvey, Deputy Chair and Australian Capital Territory REC

Dr Charles Douglas, Western Australia REC

Dr Victoria Hayes, New South Wales REC

Dr Matthew McConnell, South Australia REC

Dr Greg Stewart, New South Wales REC

Dr Mark Stickley, Queensland REC

Dr Priya Janagaraj, Trainee representative

vacant, Northern Territory REC

vacant, Victoria REC

vacant, Tasmania REC

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