AFRM Aotearoa New Zealand and Regional Committees

Fellows of the Faculty residing in Aotearoa New Zealand and each State or Territory of Australia constitute the six separate AFRM regions.

The AFRM regional committees run training and continuing professional development programs for rehabilitation medicine Fellows and trainees and, develop educational resources for rehabilitation medicine.

Regional committees advise the AFRM Council on matters relevant to their area and prepare committee project proposals for the approval by the Faculty Council. A regional committee will then go on to develop and manage their approved project.

Promoting rehabilitation medicine is an important role of each committee. Each regional committee, under the direction of the Faculty, responds to new and emerging rehabilitation medicine issues and contributes to policy and advocacy activities. Learn more about the AFRM and its activities.

All AFRM members are automatically part of their regional membership. Read the AFRM Regional Committee Terms of Reference (PDF) and Aotearoa NZ AFRM Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Aotearoa New Zealand


Dr Richard Seeman, Chair
Dr Toni Auchinvole, Deputy Chair, Aotearoa NZ representative on AFRM Training Committee
Dr Michael Dawson, AFRM Trainee Committee representative
Dr Jimmy Chong, AFRM Paediatric representative
Dr Sue Kim, AFRM Assessment Committee
Dr Kellie Nichol, Aotearoa NZ representative on the Faculty Education Committee
TBC, Dr Juan Rodriguez, Aotearoa Training Coordinator
Vacant, AFRM Policy and Advocacy representative

View the AFRM Aotearoa NZ Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)

Read the Call for a New Zealand Rehabilitation Strategy (PDF) resource for Aotearoa NZ.

NSW/ACT | Queensland | SA/NT | VIC/TAS | Western Australia

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory


Vacant, Chair
Vacant, Regional Training Coordinator
Dr Emma Sheaves, Trainee Representative
Dr Alexander Dennis, AFRM Policy and Advocacy representative
Dr Stephanie Lam, Fellow
Dr Myles Kwa, Fellow
Dr Morgan Hee, Fellow
Vacant, 2 x Fellows



Dr Teresa Boyle, Chair
Vacant, Regional Training Coordinator
Dr Adrienne Corbett, Trainee representative
Dr Sarah Leeder, AFRM Policy and Advocacy representative
Dr Jacinta Lewis
Dr Kelly Dungey
Vacant, 3 x Members

Read about The Early History of Rehabilitation Medicine in Queensland (PDF)

South Australia/Northern Territory


Dr Cristina Manu, Chair
Vacant, Regional Training Coordinator
Vacant, Trainee representative
Dr Venugopal Kochiyil, AFRM Policy and Advocacy representative
Dr Howard Flavell, Member
Dr Kisani Manuel, Member
Dr Sheruni Wijesundara
Vacant, 2 x Fellows



Dr Yan Chow, Chair
Dr Krystal Song, Regional Training Coordinator
Dr Emily Humphrey, Trainee representative
Dr Brinda Thiruganam, AFRM Policy and Advocacy representative
Dr Lachlan Crowder, Fellow
Dr Michael Njovu, Fellow
Dr Michael Ponsford, Fellow
Dr Muhammad Kashif, Fellow
Dr Faraz Jeddi, Fellow

Western Australia


Professor Jon Ho Chan, Chair
Vacant; Regional Training Coordinator
Dr Natalia Magana, Trainee representative
Dr Stephanie Tang, AFRM Policy and Advocacy representative
Vacant, 5 x Members

To ensure that RACP processes remain fair and robust, including our reconsideration, review and appeal process, it is important that individual Committee members are not contacted directly regarding any matters that are or potentially under consideration. College members should address all correspondence to the committee secretariat.
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