Grants Advisory Committees

The Grants Advisory Committees (GACs) are skills-based committees formed to provide guidance to the RACP Foundation. The GACs generously contribute their expertise and time assessing applications for scholarships, fellowships or awards offered through the RACP Foundation.

The GACs direction allows available funding to go towards supporting basic and clinical medical research and medical education, health services research and population health research in accordance with the College Strategic Plan (PDF).

Applications are assessed on the basis of:

  • research or educational excellence
  • the merit of the proposed program of research or study
  • the specific requirements of individual awards
  • the priority areas for funding listed under each award
  • any other criteria determined by the committee


Professor Michael Horowitz, Chair | AMD

Professor Graham Lieschke, Deputy Chair | AMD

Professor Robert Walker, Aotearoa NZ Chair | AMD

Clinical Professor Catherine Choong | PCHD

Dr Alison Drewry | AFOEM

Dr John Holmes | AFPHM

Professor Steve Kisely | AFPHM, AChAM

Associate Professor Rob MacGinley | AMD

Associate Professor Ruth Marshall | AFRM

Professor Kumar Visvanathan | AMD

Professor Robert Walker | AMD

Professor Anita Wluka | AMD

Aotearoa New Zealand membership

Professor Robert Walker, Chair | AMD

Professor Andrew Day, Deputy Chair | PCHD

Professor Philip Hill | AMD

Dr Rebecca Grainger | AMD

Dr Richard Robson* | AMD

Dr Stephen Burmeister* | AMD

* stepped down from the Committee in December 2019.

Invited and volunteer reviewers

Thank you to the Fellows who have contributed their time and expertise to assist in the review of over 250 applications for the 2020 RACP Research Awards.

Dr Oyekoya Ayonrinde | AMD

Dr Philip Britton | PCHD

Professor Peter Brooks | ARA

Professor Ian Cameron | AFRM

Dr Armand Casolin | AFOEM

Professor Paul Colditz | PCHD

Professor Tim Driscoll | AFOEM

Dr Stephen Etheredge | AMD

Professor Kit Fairley | AChSHM

Professor Paul Gatenby | AMD

Dr Manoji Gunathilake | AChSHM

Dr Shane Hamblin | ESA

Professor Catherine Hill | ARA

Professor Harriet Hiscock | PCHD

Dr Joseph Lee | AMD

Associate Professor Lewis Marshall | AChSHM

Dr David McBride | AFOEM

Professor Christopher Nolan | Diabetes Australia

Associate Professor Catherine O'Connor | AChSHM

Professor John Olver | AFRM

Dr Nathan Ryder | AChSHM

Professor Bruce Taylor | AMD

Professor Will Taylor | AFRM

Professor Ranjeny Thomas | ARA

Dr Benjamin Teh | AMD

Dr Nick Wood | PCHD

Dr Christopher Wong | AMD

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