College Medal

Nominations close 5pm AEST, Thursday 30 September 2021.

The College Medal recognises a Fellow who makes a significant contribution to medical specialist practice, healthcare and/or health of community through physician activities. The prestigious prize is awarded annually at the RACP Congress College Ceremony.

Professor Roderick MacLeod MNZM | 2021 recipient

Professor Rod MacLeodProfessor Roderick MacLeod is a founding Fellow of the Australasian Chapter of Palliative Medicine (AChPM), has helped develop the Asia Pacific Hospice Network, and was appointed Aotearoa New Zealand’s first Professor in Palliative Care in 2003. He was involved in the development of the palliative medicine curriculum during his time on the AChPM Education Committee and provided his expertise to the College’s Supervisor Professional Development program. During Rod’s career, he has been internationally recognised for his work in medical education, highlighting the importance of holistic end of life care. He has influenced evidence-based practices and policies in palliative care at state, national and international levels, and has contributed to the debate against the legalisation of euthanasia and physician-assisted dying.

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Any Australian or Aotearoa New Zealand Fellow of an RACP Division, Faculty and/or Chapter is eligible for nomination.

Ineligible nominees are those who:

  • submit a nomination on their own behalf
  • are a current RACP Board member
  • are a current RACP staff member
  • are a past recipient of the College Medal

All RACP Fellows or trainees can nominate an eligible Fellow.


The College Medal recipient receives:

  • the College Medal, presented at the 2022 RACP College Ceremony
  • full RACP Congress registration
  • travel and accommodation to attend the College Ceremony

Selection criteria

The College Medal selection criteria aligns with our College motto 'hominum servire saluti' — 'to serve the health of our people' — and recognises a Fellow's contribution towards the improvement of the health of the community and/or our members.

The assessment of the nominee's contribution in relation to others is an essential part of the nomination.

In your nomination, detail how the nominee's contributions have meaningfully impacted the College and its activities against all of the selection criteria:

1. Contribution to medical practice, healthcare and/or health of communities

How has the nominee made a significant contribution to medical specialist practice through physician activities?

2. Professional Leadership

How has the nominee displayed outstanding leadership in developing and promoting local, national and/or international initiatives? What has been the significant impact to medicine and/or health of communities?

3. Advocacy

What significant advocacy has the nominee performed on behalf of medical specialists/physicians in policy, research or other areas of importance?

4. Representation

How has the nominee played integral roles in:

  • establishing and maintaining relationships and/or collaborations with international or domestic organisations on behalf of the medical profession, in particular medical specialists?
  • promoting College members and their interests within Australia and/or Aotearoa New Zealand?

Selection process

The RACP Fellowship Committee reviews all nominations and recommends a deserving recipient to the RACP Board.

The RACP Board reserves the right not to award the College Medal if they feel the recommendation and/or all nominations presented don't sufficiently meet the criteria.

For more information about The College Medal, contact the RACP Foundation.

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