RACP Board

A Board of Directors governs the RACP and supports the RACP Governance by representing College members and guiding decision-making. Learn more about the role of the Board.

Current members

Professor John Wilson
Professor John Wilson AM
Dr Jacqueline Small
Dr Jacqueline Small
Dr George Laking
Dr George Laking
President, Aotearoa New Zealand
Dr Tina Ahluwalia
Dr Tina Ahluwalia
Trainee Director

Professor Paul Komesaroff
Member Director
Professor Jennifer Martin
Professor Jennifer Martin
Member Director
Monica Schlesinger
Monica Schlesinger
Community Director
Dr Gregory Stewart
Dr Gregory Stewart
Member Director

Rob Stewart
Rob Stewart
Community Director
Photo of Tony Tenaglia
Tony Tenaglia
Community Director &
Honorary Treasurer

Meeting dates


Thursday 12 March (half-day) | Sydney
Friday 13 March | Sydney
Saturday 2 May | Melbourne
Thursday 9 July (half-day) | Sydney
Friday 10 July | Sydney
Thursday 10 September (half-day) | Melbourne
Friday 11 September | Melbourne
Friday 30 October | Sydney
Thursday 10 December | Sydney
Friday 11 December | Sydney


Friday 19 February | Sydney
Friday 19 March (half-day) | Videoconference
Friday 16 April | Melbourne
Monday 17 May — Board induction (half-day) | Sydney/videoconference
Tuesday 18 May — Board induction (half-day) | Sydney/videoconference
Friday 21 May (half-day) | Videoconference
Friday 18 June | Sydney
Friday 23 July (half-day) | Videoconference
Friday 20 August | Sydney
Friday 10 September — Board and Council Strategy Day | Sydney
Friday 29 October | Melbourne
Thursday 16 December — joint meeting* | Sydney
Friday 17 December | Sydney

* Joint meeting with the RACP Board, Aotearoa New Zealand Committee, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee and Māori Health Committee.

Conversations with the Board

December 2019
July 2019
February and May 2019

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