Member Benefits for RACP Fellows and trainees

Being a member of RACP comes with many benefits.

  • Be recognised as a specialist: Training with the College is a pathway to a wide range of specialties and provides you with relevant accreditation, expertise, and renowned designations such as FRACP, all of which identify you as a clinical leader in dealing with complex health problems
  • Be supported in lifelong learning: The College provides you with opportunities for innovative training and continuing professional development, so that you can be at the forefront of your profession and have the greatest impact on people and communities.
  • Be an active participant in your profession: There are many committees and special interest groups that you can join to make a contribution to the College, to Australian and New Zealand medical standards, and the physician profession as a whole.
  • Have impact on the health system: Through the College, you can participate in our advocacy work, joining committees that shape our policy positions on a wide range of issues and challenges.
  • Be a part of a leading institution: Being a member of RACP means being a member of an institution that is respected internationally and has a prominent history in Australasia, and a reputation for pre-eminence.
  • Gain access to a range of member lifestyle benefits: being part of the College means that you have access to a range of member benefits such as discounted books, discounted air carrier lounge membership and more.

What is the Member Advantage Member Benefit Program?

Member Advantage delivers the RACP Member Benefit Program and offers an extensive range of lifestyle benefits for Fellows and trainees across Australia and New Zealand.

Visit to view the full range of services.

Use your RACP Member Advantage Card to access your benefits. Your membership number acts as your password.

Contact Member Advantage

Contact Member Advantage if you have any questions about how to access benefits.

Australia: 1300 853 352

New Zealand: 0800 453 244

Contact if you have lost your Member Advantage card.

Discounts on Wiley-Blackwell books

As an RACP Fellow or trainee, you can save 35% off Wiley’s General and Professional titles and 25% off their Higher Education titles, not including School titles. To receive the discount, order through

If you are outside of Australia and New Zealand, purchase online or place an order over the phone with the Customer Service Team and use the promotion code SDP93.

QANTAS Club corporate membership

As an RACP Fellows or trainee, you can apply for a Qantas Club membership at a corporate discounted rate.

To apply for a Qantas Club membership, you must pay directly to Qantas; the RACP does not reimburse this payment.

Use the corporate number 110976 to obtain the reduced rate.

Contact the Qantas Club Service Centre

Australia: 13 11 31

Outside of Australia: +61 3 9658 5302

Air New Zealand Fellows-and-trainees Koru Club corporate membership

The RACP Member Advantage scheme offers RACP Fellows and trainees access to corporate rates for the Koru Club.

Visit for more details. 

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