Member Satisfaction Survey

Your College, your voice. We’re listening.

The Member Satisfaction Survey (MSS) is your chance to tell the College how it’s doing and have your say. The survey measures how satisfied members are with their College’s performance across a range of activities and services.

The 2023 survey is now closed and the results summary will be published shortly.


The MSS is a longitudinal study to measure satisfaction with specific activities, on-line resources and other areas of interest, including:

  1. overall satisfaction
  2. communication
  3. policy and advocacy
  4. representation
  5. value for money

It also measures how effectively we deliver member services and if this aligns with our service principles, which are:

  • We are human.
  • We are collaborative.
  • We are proactive.
  • We are relevant.
  • We are transparent.

Through the survey, we obtain a Net Promoter Score. We obtained this for the first time via the 2019 Member Satisfaction Survey.


We’re committed to upholding the confidentiality of the data we collect. The protection of member identities is a priority. Controls have been established to ensure confidentiality, privacy and security are maintained.

Read our Privacy Policy to learn about how we disclose your personal information. You can also read EY Sweeneys Privacy Policy.

Survey results

EY Sweeney provides us with a report with aggregated results. Individual comments are not identified to a specific member.

We disseminate the report across key College bodies and results are shared with members in due course. Results are a key resource for improving and developing initiatives to meet member needs.

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