Travel arrangements and reimbursement

How do I book travel arrangements?

Fellows and trainees in Australia and New Zealand book all travel through Corporate Travel Management (CTM), including accommodation, car hire and airfares. CTM invoice the RACP directly for bookings relating to College business. You must pay any separate bookings for personal travel directly to CTM.

Contact CTM

CTM Australia

Phone: 1300 661 416

CTM New Zealand

Phone: 0800 801 818 or +64 9 5290 888 (outside of New Zealand)

Accompanying persons

Any accompanying persons not travelling on RACP business must pay their own travel costs.

You can book through CTM for travel arrangements for accompanying persons. CTM will handle the booking separately, and a separate credit card will be needed at the time of booking.

How do I claim reimbursement for travel expenses?

Use the Claim for Reimbursement of Travelling Expenses (PDF 76KB) to be reimbursed for additional travelling expenses incurred on RACP business, including any bookings made outside of CTM Travel or the New Zealand Office.

Receipts are required for all amounts claimed, and a tax invoice is required if an item is above $70.

Does the RACP provide travel insurance?

The RACP has travel insurance that covers you whilst you are travelling on RACP business.

Contact for details of the cover and claims.

If you require assistance regarding any travel insurance matter while overseas, you can call ACE Assistance on +61 2 8907 5995. If you contact the local telephone operator, you can ask for a reverse call to ACE Assistance. 

What travel expenses do the RACP cover?

Hotel bookings

The majority of hotels booked by CTM include breakfast. The RACP also covers reasonable internet expenses. 

You are eligible for reimbursement, as per the meal allowance rate, if you are unable to have breakfast in your hotel.

Any other expenses incurred during your stay (phone, mini bar, late check-out fees) are not covered and should be paid when you check-out of your accommodation.


You are eligible for reimbursement for taxis between your home, the airport and the meeting venue.

You need to obtain approval from RACP staff in advance to use a hire car or private car in place of air travel or taxis.


Contact RACP in Australia for Cab Charge vouchers.

New Zealand

For Australian or New Zealand Cab Charges to be sent to you in NZ contact RACP in New Zealand


You are eligible for reimbursement for meals not included with a CTM hotel booking. You need to keep your costs below the following price guidelines:

  • Breakfast up to $40 +GST
  • Lunch up to $50 +GST
  • Dinner up to $130 +GST

Airport parking

You are eligible for reimbursement for airport parking facilities. 

RACP Travel Guidelines Policy

For further information on Travel, please refer to the RACP Travel Guidelines Policy (PDF 469KB)

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