Director of Physician or Paediatric Education (DPE)

Role and responsibilities

A DPE takes a macro level approach to foster a link between the RACP and a training site. In this role, a DPE:

  • provides leadership within their workplace or geographic area
  • oversees the Basic Training program and provide support for Basic Trainees within their training sites
  • provides support to Educational Supervisors and Ward/Service Consultants
  • establishes and facilitate local support networks
  • completes program administrative work as required

View the current Directors of Physician or Paediatric Education across Australia and New Zealand.

Accredited training sites for Basic Training, except secondment sites, all have a DPE.


Discuss your interest with the current DPE (or Network Director) and Director of Medical Services (DMS). This could be an opportunity for succession planning, or for you to become a Deputy DPE.

To apply, submit a brief nomination letter from the Director of Medical Services, or equivalent at your training site, along with your CV that outlines your teaching and supervision experience to (AUS) or (NZ).

Address your nomination letter to ‘The Chair, Divisional Basic Training Committee’.

Operational information

Registration and application approval

Basic Trainees must register for training each year by the application due dates for their training program. This includes periods of interruption to training.

Late applications will incur an additional fee and, following the introduction of the RACP Progression Through Training Policy (PDF) late applications will not be accepted one month after the application due date.

It is important to remind your trainees of these application deadlines.

Trainees are advised to contact you to discuss their training program before applying to start or re-register for Basic Training.

Submitted online applications generate an automated email notification to you requesting approval of the application and proposed rotations (Australia only).

Basic Trainees nominate their Educational Supervisors and Professional Development Advisor in their annual online application form. If supervisors have not been allocated or change during the year, trainees should advise the RACP Basic Training team.

Approve applications as soon as possible using the Basic Training Online Registration. The RACP will only process applications upon receipt of your approval (Australia only). 

If you need help using the online registration system, contact the Basic Training team.

Trainee assessment requirements

Trainee work-based performance is monitored online through the Basic Training Portal. As a DPE when you log in to the portal you will be able to see a list of all your Basic Trainees.

Minimum assessment requirements Basic Trainees, as well as core and non-core time and location of training requirements are set by the relevant RACP Committee.

All Basic Trainees, including pre-PREP trainees who registered before 2008, must fulfil the requirements of the PREP program as outlined in the Basic Training handbooks and on the Basic Training Portal.

Trainees may not be eligible to apply for the Basic Training Divisional Examinations until these requirements are complete.

Continuing Basic Trainees who have completed three years of training and associated requirements, but have not yet passed the Divisional Written Examination or Divisional Clinical Examination must continue to register with the RACP each year for training, work at an accredited Basic Training site and complete the annual PREP tool requirements.

Site accreditation requirements

All Basic Trainees must undertake training at accredited training sites approved by the RACP for Basic Training. 

You are responsible for ensuring your hospital(s) within your health service or network are accredited by the RACP for Basic training.

Check the accreditation status of your hospital or health service

How to get a training site accredited

Training program governance

The Adult Internal Medicine Basic Training program is overseen by the Adult Internal Medicine Division Education Committee (AMDEC) and its Adult Internal Medicine Division Basic Training Committee in Australia or its New Zealand Adult Medicine Division Education Committee (NZ AMDEC).

The Paediatrics & Child Health Basic Training program is overseen by the Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee (PDEC) and its Paediatrics & Child Health Division Basic Training Committee in Australia or its New Zealand Paediatrics & Child Health Division Education Committee (NZ PCHDEC).

You are represented on the Divisional Basic Training Committee through a DPE from your state.

Divisional Accreditation Subcommittees are responsible for the Accreditation of Basic Training Sites and report to the Divisional Basic Training Committees.

Australian Regional Committees sometimes provide support for training issues at a local level. Please contact the Basic Training team if you have questions or issues that you would like addressed by the Division Education Committee or Training Committee. Alternatively, you can discuss your query with the Chair of your Regional DPE group or Committee DPE representative for your region.

Training program updates

We will email you throughout the year of any changes to training programs.

The RACP also organises regular DPE meetings, which are a useful forum for learning about training program updates. We will send you invitations to these meetings ahead of time.

If you would like further information, please contact the Basic Training team in your country.

Support for DPEs

Training network, site or hospital

Educational Supervisors, Ward Service Consultants (Rotation Supervisors) and Professional Development Advisors form a part of your Basic Training Supervision support team within your training network, site or hospital.


The Basic Training Unit based in Sydney and Wellington is responsible for processing applications, certifying training and supporting Basic Trainees and their Supervisors across Austraila and New Zealand respectively. They also support the Division Education and Basic Training Committees, providing advice on program requirements and College policies.

Across the College, regional offices support Australian and New Zealand Regional Committees, including local Trainees' Committees.

Member Support Officers (MSO) in each region can support you by:                     

  • conducting one-on-one consultations to discuss current information and updates from the College.
  • receiving feedback to pass on to the relevant College unit and follow up for responses.
  • working with you to coordinate professional development events for local Basic Trainees.
  • attending Basic Training Orientation sessions to present on behalf of the College on training requirements, policies, trainee support, etc.
  • supporting you to complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements via individual consultations or group workshops
  • helping to organise and facilitate the Supervisor Professional Development Program (SPDP) workshops
  • running refresher sessions on College assessment tools and their purpose, the Trainee In Difficulty (TID) pathwayeducation policy and more.
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