RACP Mentor of the Year Award

Nominations for 2025 open 15 June to 30 September 2024.

The RACP Mentor of the Year Award recognises a Fellow who has made an outstanding contribution to mentoring or has provided a high level of support and guidance throughout training.

This prestigious prize is awarded by the RACP annually at the College Ceremony.

Dr Emily Horsley | 2024 recipient


Emily Horsley was born in the Torres Straits and has lived in New South Wales and Queensland for most of her life. Emily completed Paediatric training through the Sydney Children’s Hospital in 2012 before moving to Queensland Children’s Hospital in 2019 where she now works as a Staff Specialist Paediatrician. Emily has completed a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and is currently completing a Master of Healthcare Leadership. Emily has special interests in staff wellbeing, clinical governance, patient safety and quality improvement.

Dr Horsley takes time to ensure the whole team she works with are well supported and able to access the best ongoing learning while maintaining true work/life balance. 

And, if all else fails, Dr Horsley will bake.

“Do you have a favourite saying?” Asked the boy,
“Yes” said the mole.
“What is it?”
“If at first you don’t succeed, have some cake.”
“I see, does it work?”
“Every time”

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, Charlie Mackesy (2019).

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A nominee must be a Fellow from any RACP Division, Faculty and/or Chapter.

A nominee must not:

  • submit a nomination on their own behalf
  • be a past recipient of the RACP Mentor of the Year Award
  • have previously received any other major Fellow awards from the RACP

Any RACP Fellow or trainee can nominate an eligible Fellow for this Award. 


Read the Terms and Conditions for College meritorious awards and prizes by nomination before submitting a nomination.

Inform the nominee of your intent to submit a nomination.

Email a complete nomination form addressing the selection criteria to foundation@racp.edu.au together with:

  • CV of the nominee
  • two letters of support
  • other relevant supporting documentation (optional)

Note: A nomination is not complete and cannot be progressed unless all required documentation is received.

Download nomination form (DOC)

The College Conflicts of Interest Policy (PDF) and Privacy Policy apply.

Selection criteria

The RACP Mentor of the Year Award recipient is someone who has demonstrated an outstanding and lasting impact in the education and training of trainees.

The assessment of the nominee's contribution in relation to others is an essential part of the nomination.

In your nomination, detail how the nominee has meaningfully impacted the College and trainee development against the selection criteria:

1. Contribution

Detail the nominee's contribution to mentoring over a sustained period and their significant impact to the College and trainee development.

2. Leadership

How has the nominee demonstrated significant leadership, mentoring and support of trainees?

3. Advocacy

What significant involvement or impact has the nominee had in policy development and advocacy?

4. Education and training

What important contributions to education and training has the nominee has made?

Selection process

When reviewing all nominations, the RACP Fellowship Committee takes into consideration whether nominees have:

  • provided mentoring over a sustained period of time
  • provided a training environment conducive to good practice, including:
    • intellectual and tangible support for development of research projects
    • attention to the concerns of trainees

The Fellowship Committee reserves the right to not award the RACP Mentor of the Year Award if all nominations received do not meet the high standards required for this award.

For more information about the RACP Mentor of the Year Award, contact the RACP Foundation.

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