Award recipients

Our award recipients, and their work, have contributed to the improvement of healthcare and the quality of life across various fields of medicine.

Career Development Fellowships

The Fellowship assist our Fellows who are mid-career researchers and are ineligible for other research scholarships and fellowship.

Research Establishment Fellowships

Fellows and trainees, wishing to establish their research career, are supported through these Fellowships. 

Research Entry Scholarships

Supporting those Fellows and trainees who are starting out in their research careers.

RACP NHMRC Awards for Excellence

The NHMRC and the RACP have partnered to support our top young clinical researchers as part of a shared commitment to nurture the next generation of medical researchers.

Research Development Scholarships

Funding is provided to our early-career researchers to assist small projects.

RACP Indigenous Health Scholarships

A funded pathway through physician training for RACP Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori and Pacific Islander trainees.

Education Development (Study) Grants

Fellows and trainees are supported to undertake further study and training or to develop educational initiatives.

Travel Grants

A Fellow or trainee's short period of study or research is supported through these grants.

International Grants

International specialists and medical graduates receive support in furthering their education in Australia and New Zealand.

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