New educational leadership and supervision framework and policy

Date published:
19 Sep 2017

The RACP has developed a new Educational Leadership and Supervision Policy  which sets out the principles that underpin RACP training programs, and an accompanying framework. These will come into effect from December, 2018.

The Educational Leadership and Supervision Framework​  provides educational leaders and supervisors with increased clarity around their leadership roles and responsibilities, and recognition of their professionalism, skills, knowledge, competence and experience. It introduces new supervisor role structures and descriptions, as well as supervisor standards, selection processes, training requirements and evaluation guidance.  

It also recommends a maximum trainee to supervisor ratio and human resources allocations for Network Directors and Directors of Physician Education. From December 2018 a formal selection and appointment process will apply to new supervisors, who must complete the Supervisor Professional Development Program to attain accreditation status. Those who have been in leadership or supervisory roles prior to 2018 will not need to undertake the new selection process. Accreditation will be compulsory for all Fellows engaged in education leadership and supervision roles from 2020.

Ultimately, the new framework and policy will establish a consistent approach to supervision, and clearly articulate the RACP’s expectations of excellence in training delivery and outcomes. It will also ensure trainees receive quality training that is delivered by experienced and competent professionals, who have clearly defined roles and sufficient time to fulfil them. 

The RACP will support and work with a number of key partners to implement the new policy and framework. We will work with Directors of Physician Education to implement change in local settings, this will include selecting new supervisors and evaluating teaching and learning; we will support supervisors to understand the new position descriptions and perform the associated duties, and provide them with continuing professional development opportunities and guidance on evaluation; and we will work closely with the hospital administrations and health departments that provide the time, resources and infrastructure essential to support training.

These changes are based on comprehensive research and consultation with members; were developed by a working group of RACP Fellows, trainees and staff; and will complement the RACP’s wider Education Renewal Program.

Read the Educational Leadership and Supervision Policy​.

Read the Educational Leadership and Supervision Framework

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