Physician Training Surveys – Closing 8 December

Date published:
12 Oct 2017

We are introducing surveys for trainees and supervisors as part of our accreditation program. These surveys will help us ensure high quality and safe training experiences for trainees, confirm there is sufficient support and training for supervisors and assess whether our educational standards are being delivered in the workplace.

This year we are piloting the survey in up to 18 settings across Australia and New Zealand before we implement them across all RACP training settings. The RACP has contracted Woolcott Research & Engagement (Woolcott) to administer the surveys and report the findings.

The survey will be open for six weeks, from Monday, 30 October to Friday, 8 December 2017. Find more information about the survey in the Physician Training Survey Guide. Information about participation and confidentiality can be found in the Physician Training Surveys Confidentiality Statement document. 

What will this mean for trainees and supervisors?

Trainees and supervisors will be able to provide regular feedback and voice their opinions. Their feedback will be provided to the training provider (hospital) in an aggregated report. Training Providers are expected to use the information to identify what training components work well and those which need improvement. Depending on the findings the RACP can use its accreditation program to address issues identified in the survey.

What will this mean for training providers?

Training providers will receive an individualised report that includes anonymised benchmarking data. The valuable feedback from trainees and supervisors will let them know what training components work well and those which need improvement.

If survey findings suggest a potential breach of the Standards for the Accreditation of Training Settings, the committee(s) responsible for accreditation will write, requesting the training provider review the findings, identify reasons and propose actions to rectify the situation.

Survey Participation

Participation is voluntary. The RACP strongly recommends  all eligible trainees and supervisors complete the survey. Without representative feedback the ability for the data to be used to guide improvement is limited.

Participants will be contacted by Woolcott by email and provided with a unique link to the online survey.

For the pilot, the following participants from the pilot settings will provide feedback about workplace training.


  • registered with the RACP
  • located in a setting accredited for their training program
  • completing a rotation at the pilot setting in October 2017
  • working in the setting and not on extended leave
  • completing their first specialty training program leading to the award of the FRACP.
Trainees on an interruption or continuation of training will not participate.
  • any doctor holding a recognised supervisor role on 1 September 2017
  • supervisors include:
  • Rotation Supervisors (also known as ward based consultants)
  • Education Supervisors
  • Advanced Training Supervisors
  • Directors of Physician Education.

Supporting participants

Participants wanting to discuss the survey can contact Woolcott or the RACP. Contact details are below.

Participants may experience discomfort from the questions being asked. Participants wishing to speak about issues confidentially can contact the RACP Support Helpline. The phone numbers are 1300 687 327 (Australia) or 0800 666 367 (New Zealand).

Further information

For more detailed information about the survey please read the Physician Training Survey Guide or the Frequently Asked Questions.


Woolcott Research & Engagement

+61 2 9261 5221


+61 2 9256 5480


The RACP would like to acknowledge the General Medical Council (GMC) whose National Training Surveys have shaped the approach and informed the development of our physician training surveys, process and supporting documentation.

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