CCCH Committee communiqué - Mid-year 2019

The following communiqué highlights the key issues and activities of the Chapter of Community Child Health Committee (CCCHC) for the first half of 2019.

Key activities

Chapter Satellite Day 2019

The Chapter Satellite Day was held in Auckland, New Zealand, the day prior to Congress 2019 and featured a focus on trauma. Speakers and topics included:

  • Dr Patrick Kelly - Head Trauma Prevention
  • Dr Graham Vimpani – Trauma Informed Care
  • Ms Sally Kedge – Trauma and Language/Communication development
  • Dr Pat Tuohy – The New Zealand Gateway Program
  • Panel discussion with Dr Sue Packer and Sir Ian Hassall

The meeting was attended by approx. 73 members with all sessions being received positively by attendees.

The Chapter’s Annual Member Meeting was held in Auckland on Monday 6 May 2019 and featured an enthusiastic discussion of the importance of trauma informed care.

Meetings of the committee in 2019

The CCCHC has so far met on Wednesday 13 March (face-to-face, Sydney) and Wednesday 19 June (by teleconference). Remaining scheduled meeting dates for 2019 are as follows:

  • Friday 30 August – face to face, Sydney
  • Wednesday 13 November - teleconference

Policy & Advocacy

The CCCHC has been consulted on the following matters in 2019:

  • Medical Specialise Access Framework Guide for Physicians
  • Employment, Poverty and Health Statement of Principles
  • College submission to MBS review reports in primary care which are relevant to paediatrics
  • Productivity Commission's inquiry into mental health
  • Autism National Guideline Adherence and Implementation Project
  • Draft RACP submission to 3rd National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
  • RACP 2019 Australian Government Election Statement
  • ACHI consultation on Child Digital Health Record
  • Draft National Clinical Quality Registry Strategy
  • Medical Board of Australia public consultation on clearer regulation of medical practitioners who provide complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments
  • Request for RACP endorsement of the Pill Testing 4 Queensland protocol for pill testing trial
  • Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System
  • Sign on request: Joint statement on LGBTI mental health
  • Draft National Treatment Framework
  • National air pollution standards consultation

CCCHC Membership

  • Dr Lakshman Doddamani, NBPSA representative stepped down in June 2019 and will be replaced on the committee by Dr Alicia Montgomery.
  • Dr Ellen McKinnon joined the committee in December 2018 as an Appointed Fellow.
  • Dr Manina Pathak has joined the committee as the Chapter Chat Editor.

I thank all the above for giving their valuable time to the Chapter’s important work and extend my thanks to all our current CCCHC members for their ongoing commitment. See the current CCCHC membership list here.

Chapter chat

The first Chapter Chat for 2019 is currently being finalised. We have been fortunate to have Dr Manina Pathak take up the role of Chapter Chat Editor and we anticipate this will bring new energy and direction to the publication.

Content for the first edition 2019 has now closed. The CCCHC would love to hear from you with articles and ideas for future content. Please direct your emails to


The CCH Advanced Training Committee regularly provides education updates to the CCCHC. In April 2019 they reported that there were 154 CCH Advanced Trainees, 123 of whom were Dual Trainees, 27 were Post Fellowship Trainees, and four were training in CCH only.

Activities of note by the ATC are as follows:

Site Accreditation: the following documentation is now available on the RACP website to assist sites when applying for accreditation in CCH Advanced Training:


Links to useful information regarding the CCCHC are provided below for your information

Finally, your feedback and queries in relation to the Chapter are always welcomed.  Please get in touch at

Dr Chris Pearson
Chair, Chapter of Community Child Health
July 2019

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