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Welcome to Pomegranate Health, a podcast about the culture of medicine. You’ll hear clinicians, academics and advocates discuss some big questions; How can one make difficult clinical and ethical decisions free from bias? How can communication with patients and peers be improved? How can healthcare delivery be made more equitable and efficient?

This is also the home of [IMJ On-Air], where authors of the College's Internal Medicine Journal present their work. Expert advice on the current best standards for your practice. 

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Search for ‘Pomegranate Health’ in Apple PodcastsSpotifyCastbox or any podcasting app. You mean need to import this RSS feed into other apps, and it's an easy page to search for thematic terms and podcasts that might interest you. You can also sign up for an email alert when a new episode is published about once a month.


At each episode page there is a MyCPD link for Fellows to log hours of participation in a Category 1 Educational activity. Consider "levelling up" this experience into a Category 2 Performance Review activity. For example, you could organise peers into a journal club to discuss the podcast. This could be done in person, or virtually, or even by starting a conversation at the RACP Online Community forum. Reflect on aspects of the story that relate to your own practice and how it could be improved and visit MyCPD Handbook for further guidance or discussion templates.

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